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The post epidemic era seeks development, Sinopec and dealers work together to forge mainstream brands

the post epidemic era seeks development, Sinopec and dealers work together to forge mainstream brands

China Construction machinery information

today, the Ninth Plenary Session of the China Lubricant dealers Federation and the 2021 China Lubricant national dealers conference were grandly held in Wuxi, With the theme of "working together to forge mainstream brands", representatives of Chinese dealers from all over the country gathered together to review the challenges and achievements in 2020, and jointly start the new journey of 2021 with a new pattern and new thinking

as an important strategic partner of Sinopec for many years, China Lubricant information () and lubricant market magazine were invited to witness the annual China grand meeting

"Internet economy" accelerates, and "two legs go hand in hand" Zhiyuan

2020 is unusual. The once-in-a-century upheaval and epidemic situation have put great pressure on all industries. Under numerous challenges, China joined hands with dealers at all levels to break through the siege and grow against the trend, creating an impressive record

chairman of Sinopec strives to solve the existing problems. Mr. Yao Qi delivered the opening speech

Zhang Xin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Sinohydro TBEA, said in an interview that in his opening speech, Mr. Yao Qi, chairman of Sinochem, first paid tribute to the excellent Chinese partner who actively participated in the market in the epidemic and worked hard to achieve sales growth! He stressed that the epidemic has changed the world, and the strong Internet economy is thriving. China is "well prepared". In 2020, China will continue to promote online activities and build an efficient communication platform to win a more solid relationship between terminal repair plants. "In the post epidemic era, in the face of difficult markets and the Internet economy era of de intermediation, forging mainstream brands requires manufacturers to advance and retreat together, and we need to work together!"

Ms. Yu Dandan, director of market/operation of Sinopec, delivered the theme report of the conference

nowadays, the highly digitalized and standardized era of China's automotive aftermarket is about to enter a mature period, and the Internet economy is accelerating its penetration into the lubricant industry. In the theme report, Ms. Yu Dandan, the marketing director of Sinopec, also pointed out that facing the future, China will be more daring to face the fact that the two value chains of traditional channels and e-commerce channels are "converging", and is committed to guiding repair plants online and locking customers offline, so as to gradually strengthen the competitiveness of the overall value chain; Then, through practical actions, we should formulate a reasonable value chain by "de intermediation" with the traditional model + interconnected economy. She said, "Other people's homes, beyond the dealers, directly turn the repair shop into a small worker, and the platform directly controls consumers, so consumer satisfaction is rising, but the value of channel services is declining, often 'with no sense of price'; while China's' de intermediation 'is to pull all levels of the channel, through platform serial connection, optimize services, face consumers, squeeze out too many intermediate interests, improve channel competitiveness, and obtain continuous improvement of consumer satisfaction. This has both price and sense. This' sense 'is customer relationship. "

based on the grasp of the new era and new market, and based on the needs of its own long-term development, after nine years of precipitation, the Chinese brand has not forgotten its original intention and started a new decade with a new attitude. As president Yu said, mainstream brands are size and visibility, trust and participation, influence and voice. This year's China grand event, together with all the "Chinese people", stood at a new starting point for forging mainstream brands, reorganized the brand tone, carried out the "cloud store" counter attack, led the "cloud" attack, accelerated the upgrading of products and services, committed to providing end users with excellent lubrication solutions, and made great strides towards becoming the head brand of Chinese national lubricants

gasoline engine oil is upgraded and reshaped, and high-end + cost-effective enter the market

as the highlight of this year's China Conference, the newly upgraded China gasoline engine oil product family appears in full dress. Standing at the forefront of international technology, China has upgraded its product positioning to "a mass consumer brand with ultra-high cost performance", and introduced European standards into the medium and high-end series, which also demonstrates the determination and confidence of China lubricants to adhere to quality

Mr. zhuhongbo, director of Sinopec Sales Department, introduced the "2021 marketing landing plan of akoma's elium resin can be used to manufacture thermoplastic composite parts to replace metal parts"

Mr. Zhu Hongbo, director of Sinopec Sales Department, introduced that this year, Zhonghua 9020 gasoline engine oil was upgraded to the latest sp/c5 level on the basis of the original Sn plus level, and Zhonghua 6000 was upgraded from sn/a3/b4 to sp/c3 level, "At the same time, Zhonghua 1000, 2000, 3000 and other series have been upgraded in an all-round way, but upgrading does not mean increasing prices. Zhonghua's strategy is to implement flexible tiered prices, advance and retreat with partners in the post epidemic era, launch competitive value strategies, constantly improve the market share of channels, make Zhonghua lubricants become the mainstream products in the regional market, and make Zhonghua partners become valuable mainstream distributors!" President Zhu said that next, China will also "carry out its unique marketing activities to the end", integrate more user experience, increase highlights, improve its brand image, consolidate customer sentiment, and make the Chinese brand concept of "national, top-level, warm and attitudinal" more popular

Mr. liuzhenwang, general manager of Sinopec information department, introduced the development strategy of cloud store under the Internet economy

in addition to the full line upgrading of product series, how to attract customers, boost offline confidence, and realize the simultaneous development of online and offline is a major issue in front of many Chinese lubricant brands. Focusing on how to "forge mainstream brands" in line with the trend, Liu ZHENWANG, general manager of Sinopec information department, also shared the service ability and influence shaping of cloud stores, and discussed the hottest innovative cooperation modes such as cloud live broadcast, "red" cultivation, private domain drainage, and holding hands with Gaode map and service car Hailing platform. He said that this year, China launched cooperation with Gaode map, which greatly improved its popularity and influence on the C-end. In the face of the new decade, China will continue to improve the basic service capacity of stores with rich and colorful activities, including the standardized service skill competition and health image display recognized by the industry, and will also increase support for key star rated stores. "The most attractive thing about cloud store is the support of its drainage end. As long as we can send customers to the store and bring them a steady flow of customers, we will help them create greater value." Therefore, store drainage support is still the focus of China's continuous cultivation. President Liu revealed that in 2021, China will also build a China Cloud broadcast ecosystem, take cloud broadcast orders as an important indicator of star rated cloud stores, participate in online competition with a more active attitude, realize traffic import, and make the development of cloud stores to a higher level

the newly upgraded Zhonghua automobile oil product family appeared in full dress.

it can be seen that over the years, Sinopec has spared no effort to emphasize the label of "high cost performance", and such a simple slogan is precisely the most suitable for Zhonghua lubricating oil. First of all, China is deeply rooted in the Chinese market, with good product quality and grounded service, which has accumulated a good reputation among users; Since the launch of online cloud stores in 2013, online and offline "two legs together" has made remarkable achievements in the industry; Secondly, as a warm and affectionate national brand, Zhonghua has always been a low-key and pragmatic brand in the hearts of end users. "High cost performance" is easier to be accepted and recognized by channels. The emphasis on high-end and cost-effective at today's conference can also better show the great investment and rigorous attitude of Chinese brands in R & D technology and model innovation

senior leaders of Sinopec and Ms. Zhu Wenxuan, deputy general manager of China Lubricant information take a cordial group photo

industry experts said that in the face of the great uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 to the global economy, in the post epidemic era, Chinese enterprises should seize the opportunity of the continuous improvement of the domestic situation, inherit the classics, keep pace with the times, and help consumers start a wonderful second half. With the further release of consumer demand, the unique brand charm created by Sinopec with its strength and innovation model will form an increasingly strong market driving force and "fan" attraction, and continue to increase its share of avoiding bumps in the market stock competition. We firmly believe that Sinopec, with a pure heart, will ride the wind and waves with greater courage along the good course. Even if the road ahead is full of challenges, it will eventually reap value! We also look forward to exploring Chinese lubricant brands, finding their own "weapons", facing the challenges with a new look and product positioning that meets consumer needs, and injecting positive energy into the brand to win the respect of users

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