Seedlings can be planted in the hottest fields, an

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Seedlings can be planted in the field, and "clouds" can be used for afforestation

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in Guozhao village, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Party members and cadres, deputies to the National People's Congress and volunteers in Fuxi Street are vigorously carrying out voluntary tree planting to add a touch of green to the countryside

in JiangWang community, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, children watered the newly planted seedlings, and the tree planting activity with the theme of "beautifying the homeland and protecting the environment" attracted many families to participate in...

"the river and mountains are beautiful in the late days, and the flowers and plants are fragrant in the spring." Spring is getting stronger, and the grass is growing and the birds are flying. It is a good time for afforestation. A variety of voluntary tree planting activities have been carried out throughout the country

the forest law of the people's Republic of China stipulates that planting trees and protecting forests are the obligations of citizens. What is the current situation of compulsory tree planting in China? What ways can we fulfill our tree planting obligations

all regions vigorously carry out voluntary tree planting activities, constantly improve the quality of greening, make the earth green, and improve the ecological environment day by day. The picture shows the Xiangyuan hot spring scenic spot in Dao County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, with green mountains and rivers and light clouds, just like a fairyland. People's vision

voluntary tree planting is not just tree planting

on March 12, China ushered in the 42nd tree planting day. According to the "Bulletin of China's land greening situation in 19 years based on measured loads and sample deformation" released by the office of the national Greening Committee, up to now, the national forest coverage has reached 22.96%, and the forest area has reached 220million hectares

compared with more than 40 years ago, China's forest coverage has increased by nearly 10 percentage points, and the forest area has increased by 80%. In the context of the continuous decline of global forest resources, see Figure 1 on this website. China has become the country with the largest growth of forest resources, and the area of planted forests has long ranked first in the world

add a touch of new green to the earth, and the continuous voluntary tree planting of the whole people is indispensable

in 1981, the fourth session of the Fifth National People's Congress made the resolution on carrying out the national voluntary tree planting campaign, and the next year, the State Council issued the implementation measures on carrying out the national voluntary tree planting campaign, which stipulated mass tree planting activities in the form of national legislation for the first time, requiring "citizens of school age should voluntarily plant 3 to 5 trees per year". Since then, the national voluntary tree planting campaign, which is legal, nationwide, compulsory and public welfare, has flourished in China. The national voluntary tree planting action has made the concept of ecological civilization deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has played an important role in increasing forest resources, greening the motherland and strengthening ecological construction

the measures for the administration of the form of due diligence of compulsory tree planting by the whole people (Trial) issued by the national Greening Commission in 2017 proposed that citizens of the people's Republic of China, male 11-60 years old and female 11-55 years old, except those who are unable to work, should perform the obligation of tree planting directly or indirectly without compensation in accordance with relevant plans, standards and technical requirements

some people think that "planting trees voluntarily is planting trees", in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Voluntary tree planting is a broad concept, including a variety of forms. According to the relevant person in charge of the State Forestry and grassland administration, the measures for the management of the conscientious form of compulsory tree planting by the whole people clearly stipulates that "it is convenient for the masses, focuses on participation, is informal, and flexible and diverse", and expands the conscientious form into 8 categories and more than 50 forms, such as afforestation, tending and management, nature protection, species recognition and adoption, construction, donations, voluntary services, and other forms

"in the measures for the management of conscientious forms of voluntary tree planting, Beijing stipulates 8 categories and 37 forms of conscientious forms and plant number conversion methods, such as planting trees, tending young trees, breeding precious tree species and seedlings, conscientious with funds, and personal purchase of carbon sinks." According to the relevant person in charge of the office of the capital Greening Committee, planting flowers and plants on their own balconies and roofs, adopting trees and green spaces, and voluntarily promoting land greening are all forms of due diligence

Li Ting, a citizen of Tongzhou District in Beijing, found that in the form of voluntary tree planting, "greening roofs, walls, balconies, etc." also counts. She calculated the area of green plants on her balcony, which was more than 3 square meters, and the converted number of conscientious plants was more than 3. "I'm very happy to fulfill my obligation to plant trees."

in recent years, China has carried out in-depth compulsory tree planting for all. In 2019, Beijing organized 678 four season conscientious activities of "planting in spring, recognizing in summer, comforting in autumn and preventing in winter". The 11th "I plant trees for my hometown" large tree planting festival in Heilongjiang Province attracted nearly 40000 people and planted nearly 80000 trees. The Fifth Shanghai citizens' greening Festival launched more than 40 activities, such as family garden, sending your suitable equipment to home art, green display and so on. Zhejiang province carried out the demonstration and promotion of "green transmission and sowing for love" with 100million precious trees. Fujian Province has set up 212 voluntary tree planting sites and 271 forest and green space adoption sites

"Internet + voluntary tree planting" pilot provinces have reached 15

"spring is coming, we sincerely invite you to build our green home." Liu Dongsheng, deputy director of the State Forestry and grassland administration, said a few days ago that during the epidemic period, everyone can participate in the national voluntary tree planting activities through various forms such as collaterals

the general office of the State Council recently issued the notice on actively and orderly promoting afforestation in spring under the conditions of epidemic prevention, requiring innovation in the forms and methods of voluntary tree planting, in-depth promotion of "interconnection + voluntary tree planting", and guiding the public to safely and orderly fulfill their obligations of tree planting

in recent years, "Internet +" has become an important carrier to expand the responsible form of voluntary tree planting, and to a certain extent, it has solved the difficulties of the masses in tree planting, green loving donations, and finding land for voluntary tree planting. The national Greening Committee has established 26 building thermal insulation and fire protection systems, which should go hand in hand. The first batch of national "interconnection + voluntary tree planting" bases, "interconnection + voluntary tree planting" pilot provinces have reached 15, and "planting trees as you wish, everywhere, and at any time" has become a reality

Click to enter the national voluntary tree planting, and see that the participation methods are "entity participation" and "network participation". The activities that entities participate in are clear at a glance. People can apply on the Internet and then participate in offline activities. The forms of network participation include participating in land greening related projects through network donations. At present, there are many projects to choose from, such as "I send warmth to ancient and famous trees", "Wuhan Zhongsen home", and some projects have received donations of more than 800000

according to relevant regulations, all localities can issue e-certificates of due diligence to citizens who participate in voluntary tree planting and complete tasks by entities, as certified by the office of the local Greening Committee; For citizens who participate in voluntary tree planting and complete the task through the network, the office of the national Greening Committee and the China greening Foundation jointly issue them an electronic certificate of due diligence

"each certificate has a unique number and QR code, and citizens can query, download and print on the national voluntary tree planting and official account." Zhang Jianlong, deputy director of the national Greening Committee and director of the State Forestry and grassland administration, said that this is not only a means to encourage citizens to participate in voluntary tree planting and improve citizens' sense of gain and honor, but also an innovation in voluntary tree planting under the new situation

"planting trees" and "planting trees" have become a common practice

Ms. Cai, a 60 year old Shanghai citizen, adopted a magnolia tree in the magnolia garden of the Shanghai botanical garden through her network. "My grandson is 8 years old this year. I want him to develop the habit of caring for the environment and grow with this small tree seedling."

now, "planting trees" and "planting trees" have become common practice, and people can "plant trees in the cloud" in many ways

"Yangjiang forest urban public welfare forest", "I add green for Qingyuan"... Forestry departments across Guangdong recently launched various online tree planting activities, and called on citizens to accumulate green energy through low-carbon behavior to "water" virtual trees, so as to realize remote seedling recognition and adoption

"spring, plant hope together!" On March 12, Alipay app "ant forest" launched the first "ant forest Internet Arbor Day", encouraging people to accumulate green energy through low-carbon behavior and "water" various virtual trees such as theme forests, public welfare forests, class trees, family trees, etc. According to the staff of Alipay, the "hope forest" jointly "watered by the participants will be planted in Wuhan and other places. This forest is planned to be planted along the Yangtze River in Huangpi District of Wuhan city to protect the ecology of the Yangtze River and accompany the people of Wuhan

in August 2016, Alipay launched ant forest. At present, more than 70 cities in 10 provinces have public welfare forests on ant forests, and the number of urban public welfare forests in Hubei, Anhui and Hebei ranks among the top three. The latest data shows that it has 550million participating users, with a cumulative carbon emission reduction of 11million tons. So far, 122 million real trees have been planted, with a planting area of 1.68 million mu

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