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China Construction machinery parts localization seeks new breakthroughs

China Construction machinery parts localization seeks new breakthroughs

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domestic construction machinery parts development is stable, but some enterprises are not satisfied with the status quo, and China Construction Machinery parts localization seeks new breakthroughs and new development. In the period of continuous adjustment of the construction machinery industry, many people focus on the emerging roadheader industry. However, the roadheader industry is not without competition. TBM has entered the Chinese market for only 20 years, and China has only made TBM for more than a decade. "At present, the annual output of the whole shield field is 0.21 ~ 0.24, and now the development volume is about 200, and enterprises have even appeared idle inventory." Gaoweixian, deputy general manager of shield branch of Beijing Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., said

insiders said that the development prospect of the roadheader industry should show a steady growth trend, but the volume will not be too large. In terms of the development trend of shield, after the 13th five year plan, it may develop in the direction of large buried depth, high water pressure, long distance, large diameter, even about 15 meters of shield and special-shaped section shield

however, the roadheader products that once lagged behind foreign countries have a common feature with construction machinery, that is, the core technology is controlled by others, and the core parts have become the weakness to improve the competitiveness of the roadheader. The localization of parts has also become an important topic in the roadheader industry. The state proposed the "made in China 2025" plan, hoping that the host manufacturers and supporting manufacturers will work together to overcome difficulties and solve their common technologies. Many accessory enterprises are also making efforts to localize core parts and components, helping to improve the level of China's equipment manufacturing. For example, as the key parts of shield machine, the products and technology of main drive reducer have been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. After the successful research and development of Anhui enterprises, the price of foreign products sold to China will be reduced by 40% at one time

at the same time, many enterprises aim at the "remanufacture" of shield machines, and the remanufacture process is also the application process of domestic parts. Purchasing in China can quickly meet the construction requirements. Someone has calculated an account for China's construction machinery trade. An imported shield machine costs 50 or 60 million yuan in the market, but its service life is very short. The average subway is broken after digging 8 kilometers. The total demand for plastic pipes will continue to grow. The cost of sending it abroad for maintenance is too high and takes too long. Once the construction unit calculates the account, it is "better to buy it again". Aiming at the market pain point, XCMG kaigong heavy industry Nanjing Co., Ltd. began to produce domestic shield machines in the formula at the end of 2013: a-experimental acceleration (m/s2). Through introduction, digestion and absorption, the localization rate is more than 70%. In 2015, more than 10 waste shield machines were repaired and remanufactured. This year is just the beginning of the year, and another 7 maintenance and remanufacture orders were obtained. The author learned that the remanufacturing industry has broad prospects and is a "green industry" encouraged by the state. In the second half of last year, China Society of construction machinery and others initiated the establishment of the "shield remanufacture innovation strategic alliance", and shield machine products were also added to the "remanufacture" product catalogue of electromechanical products of the Ministry of industry and information technology

mechanical accessories. Only by striving to design mechanical accessories of roadheader products that are more suitable for the market and user requirements, can roadheader enterprises achieve sustainable development

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