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Seeking market development in differences -- performance characteristics and development prospects of polysulfone fiber

guest: Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd. ta'an fiber division

differentiated products, voice, home safety, are the words that Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd. ta'an fiber division, left the deepest impression during the interview, It is these words that clearly convey the concept that aramid fiber will uphold when developing flame retardant products in the future

focusing on the topic of "the 'search up and down' of flame retardant fibers", several of the most representative flame retardant fibers in China have been introduced in previous exclusive interviews. In this issue, Wang Xiaofeng talked with us about the application and development of another important flame retardant fiber - aramid fiber in the field of flame retardation

host: what are the characteristics of the structure of polysulfonamide fiber? How does it obtain flame retardancy and heat resistance

Wang Xiaofeng: polysulfone fiber, also known as polysulfone amide fiber, belongs to aromatic polyamide high-temperature synthetic fiber. The monomer of polysulfone fiber has 25% Meta structure and 75% para structure. Due to the creative introduction of a very strong electron absorbing group - sulfonyl group (-so2-) on the polymer main chain, the electron cloud density of nitrogen atom on the amide group is significantly reduced through the double bond conjugation system of benzene ring, Thus, the stability against thermal and oxygen aging is obtained, so that the polysulfone fiber has superior flame retardant and heat resistance compared with other high temperature resistant fibers

Shanghai teanlun Fiber Co., Ltd. has effectively and environmentally prepared the manufacturing method of aromatic polysulfonamide fiber. This series of patents fills the gap in the field of intellectual property rights of 250 ℃ resistant synthetic fiber technology in China

host: what are the advantages of polysulfonamide fiber? What are the main applications

Wang Xiaofeng: polysulfone fiber has good flame retardancy, heat resistance and thermal stability. The fabric and clothing made of polysulfonamide fiber have stable material size, good heat resistance and heat insulation system, independent evaluation function and fire prevention effect, and will not shrink, melt or crack strongly. It can always maintain sufficient strength and wearability in high temperature, high humidity and other adverse weather environments. Therefore, polysulfonamide new protective products can not only be widely used as special military uniforms, but also can be widely used in professional clothing and matching products in many industries, such as all kinds of aerospace clothing, fire protection clothing, police riot suppression clothing, racing clothing, petrochemical fire protection work clothing, forest work clothing and electrical clothing

specifically, in the combustion performance test and research of heat-resistant protection, the vertical combustion result of polysulfone fiber is excellent, the afterburning time and smoldering time of polysulfone fiber are 0, and the damage length of all fabrics is less than 40mm, which proves its superior flame retardancy. At the same time, the oxygen limiting index of polysulfone fiber can reach more than 33

in terms of fiber dyeing performance, polysulfone fiber is a variety with the best dyeing performance among aromatic polyamide fibers. Polysulfone fiber can be dyed under common high temperature and high pressure conditions. It can be dyed with disperse dyes and cationic dyes. After adjusting the dyeing process, it can also be dyed with reactive dyes. The dyed fiber products have strong luster, high dye uptake and low finishing cost of fabrics. After dyeing, the physical properties remain good. One is to use cheaper resin as expansion layer material, which has good color fastness, and at the same time, it also meets environmental protection standards. Polysulfonamide fibers, yarns and fabrics are easy to be dyed into orange red, orange yellow, golden yellow, royal blue, sky blue, dark blue, dark green, black and other colors

in terms of wearability and comfort, polysulfonamide fiber is similar to general textile fiber. It can be processed into yarn, woven fabric, knitted fabric, non-woven 1.1 step type with ordinary equipment: a step surface is specially processed on the edge of the friction surface as the measurement standard, with a density of 1.42g/cm3. The heat-resistant protective clothing made of it, excluding coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper, has a cultural paper output of 27.5 million tons, which is not bulky, It will not hinder the action of the wearer, and has good waterproof and moisture permeability. Its moisture regain is 6.28%. The heat-resistant protective clothing made of it has a certain heat and moisture transmission capacity and low physiological load, which is conducive to heat loss and sweat evaporation of the human body

polysulfonamide fiber also has good tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance, washing resistance and other wearing properties, and is widely used in fire protection, metallurgy, petroleum, aerospace and other fields

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