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1800 T/A amino alkyd baking paint project seeks cooperation

1800 T/A amino alkyd baking paint project seeks cooperation

May 16, 2006

I Project overview

project name: amino alkyd baking varnish

is regarded as a reliable expert production scale: annual production capacity of 1800 tons

investment scale: proposed investment of 3 million yuan

Project Leader: Xun Dingyu

project implementation location: jiangsucaiya special paint Co., Ltd. in Sihong Economic Development Zone project content introduction: amino alkyd baking varnish not only has bright and flat film and high brightness in many baking paint products, It has high decoration and protection, and is outstanding in chemical resistance and water resistance. It is cheap and good, and is deeply loved by the majority of consumers. This product is widely used in cars, cars, bicycles, household appliances and other products (including sewing machines, fans, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), and the product is widely used

with the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic level, the requirements for the output, variety and quality of products in the light industry market are increasing day by day. At the same time, the requirements for the output, variety and quality of the supporting coating products are becoming higher and higher, and the market share of amino alkyd baking paint in various baking paint products is 70% - 80%, because this is due to the large deformation of low carbon steel when pressed, so this product is of great development value

II. Enterprise overview

the company was founded in June, 1992. The company introduced a full set of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, mainly producing domestic and foreign popular interior and exterior wall decoration materials - cement paint and emulsion paint

the company covers an area of 24500 square meters, with fixed assets of nearly ten million yuan, and has an annual production capacity of 1800 tons of various cement paints and latex paints. The "caiya" brand series of special coating products produced by the company have been tested by the national coating quality supervision and inspection center, and all technical indicators have exceeded the national standards. Among them, the oily cement paint has won the gold award of "96 China Patent and New Product Expo". The company's products sell well in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Shandong. The power lithium battery Engineering Laboratory of Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences deployed metal air battery research east Anhui and other more than a dozen provinces and cities. In 2000, our company was rated as a new technology enterprise with the weight of municipal high bearing plate reduced by about 10%; In 2001, "caiya" brand cement paint successfully passed the appraisal of Jiangsu Provincial Department of construction and received the "Jiangsu construction engineering materials, components and equipment permit"; In 2002, "caiya" brand trademark was rated as a well-known trademark of Suqian City and a famous brand product of Jiangsu Province. In the same year, the company was recognized as a standing director unit by Suqian Decoration Association, and successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification

based on the technology of the Provincial Institute of chemical industry, our company continues to develop new products and supply the market to meet the needs of different consumers. At present, we use computer analysis and color matching, which is released on the product, and has passed the acceptance of the Municipal Technical Center this year. The existing equipment is imported from abroad and operates well. The main products are environmental friendly cement paint for interior walls and oily cement paint for exterior walls. They are well sold in surrounding counties and cities and even northern Jiangsu, with a large market share, annual sales of 8million yuan and profits and taxes of 800000 yuan

III. project construction content

it is proposed to invest 3million yuan to complete the guarantee work required for the production and manufacture of amino alkyd baking paint:

(1) complete the construction and transformation of standardized plant

(2) build a domestic leading baking paint production line with an annual production capacity of 1800 tons

(3) carry out staff training

(4) the construction period of the project is 6 months

IV. investment prospects

amino alkyd baking paint has strong advantages in many coatings. It not only has bright and flat film, high brightness, but also has high decorative and protective properties. It is very prominent in water resistance. This product is widely used in various vehicles, equipment and household appliances, and is deeply loved by the majority of consumers. The product is widely used. The market potential is huge. According to the survey and statistics, amino alkyd baking varnish has high development value in the market at present, and its market share reaches 70% - 80%

according to the prediction of fyeehania group in the United States, the world demand for coatings will continue to grow at an annual rate of 3.5% before 2007, with a total volume of 28.8 million tons. China has the largest demand for coatings, with an average annual demand growth of 6.4% in the first year of 2007 and an annual market demand of 2.85 million tons. The huge demand market will strongly support the strong expansion of manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, the market space of this project is huge and the prospect is very broad

v. benefit analysis

with the rapid development of China's economy, the light industry has shown an unprecedented momentum of development. Amino alkyd baking varnish, with its unique innovative way, will quickly occupy the coating market of light industrial products, with strong competitiveness, development potential and market potential. After the product is listed, it will produce good economic and social benefits

benefit analysis:

(1) production cost (per 100 kg)

a, raw materials and costs required for the production of amino alkyd baking paint (metal flash paint) are as follows:

name and quantity of raw materials (kg) unit price (yuan/kg) amount (yuan)

3430 resin 45 8.5 382.50

3220 resin 15 8.5 127.50

586 amino resin 21 7.8 163.80

flash lead powder 595475.00

byk-1610 97466.60

byk-358 0.5 5226.00

byk-331 0.2 8316.60

tinwnine 1285 285.00

butanol 2714.00

dbe 51260.00

transparent pigment 4.450 220.00

100 1837.00

b, manufacturing cost: 500 yuan/ton

of which: production worker salary 400 yuan/ton.Tons, water and electricity costs 100 yuan/ton, and the total production cost is 18870 yuan/ton

(2) income settlement:

the price of the paint is 32500 yuan/ton

reduce the production cost by 18870 yuan/ton

reduce the sales cost by 2000 yuan/ton

reduce the management fee by yuan/ton

(including repair fee of 200 yuan/ton, salary of 600 yuan/ton

social entertainment fee of 400 yuan per ton, office fee of 200 yuan, welfare fee of 200 yuan)

profit of 10020 yuan per ton

the total development cost of the project is 3million yuan, and the price per ton.32500 yuan, net profit 100200 yuan, Annual sales of 180 tons, annual profit of more than 1.8 million yuan, cost recovery in two years

VI. enterprise demand

(1) capital investment

(2) solve the technical problems in the production of amino alkyd baking paint

VII. Cooperation means direct financing and partnership

contact unit Jiangsu caiya special paint Co., Ltd.

contact person: Xun Dingyu:

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