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Looking for opportunities in secret places - the disruptive energy-saving thinking of aishe technology

in recent years, with the development of Internet and new technology, the topic of disruptive innovation has once again reverberated in today's industry and theoretical circles

as a well-known expert in the field of industrial fluid energy conservation in China, caimaolin of aise technology said that the systematic development of product technology is an important step in the purchase of tensile testing machines. The increasingly in-depth technology integration has brought more opportunities for disruptive innovation. The global scientific and technological community and industry are undergoing rapid integration and development, and are deducing more disruptive products or service systems

at present, China's industrial energy consumption accounts for 71.8% of the country's total energy consumption that can cause the paper price to soar. Among them, the energy consumption per unit output of eight major industries, such as steel, chemical industry and building materials, is on average 40% higher than the international advanced level! However, the efficiency of boilers, water pumps, air compressors, motors and other major power equipment is 10% lower than the international advanced level

caimaolin said that there are more than 3000 energy-saving enterprises in the domestic energy-saving field. Most of them are aimed at the general power equipment such as pumps and fans in the factory, solve the problem of overload and waste by means of frequency conversion, waste heat and residual pressure recovery, and are keen to promote hardware equipment

due to the strong industry background and professionalism, and the high threshold of technological transformation, the energy-saving market of end-user equipment closely connected with production processes and processes in all walks of life has not been paid attention to and developed. The problem of 30% scissors difference in China has never been effectively solved

based on the electrolytic aluminum market, aishe technology has deeply explored the energy-saving potential of the end equipment that causes the scissors difference, developed the shelling solar term unit, and installed it on the gas supply pipeline of the end electrolytic cell, which can reduce the use of compressed air. This part is used for: quantity 3, strive to dissolve more than 0% of the excess capacity, and is now being widely promoted in the electrolytic aluminum industry

general energy-saving companies change the big horse pull trolley into the small horse pull trolley, and think that the end equipment is the process requirement and cannot be changed. Aishe technology has subverted this traditional thinking, mainly focusing on the personalized and refined energy-saving transformation of the end, making the car smaller, and pulling smaller cars with young horses

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Inspired by this subversive innovative thinking, aishe technology is carrying out the revolution in the field of energy conservation and the re innovation of air compression technology. Caimaolin said that aishe technology will help more manufacturing enterprises achieve energy-saving goals through leading air compression technology, and will spread and re practice the idea of disruptive innovation

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