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Railway infrastructure construction has become the top priority in the field of investment

in 2010, under the national policy of continuing to implement investment to stimulate domestic demand, railway infrastructure construction has become the top priority in the field of investment, and high-speed railway will also usher in great development. In the future, China will form a one hour to eight hour traffic circle centered on Beijing. Except Urumqi, Lhasa and Haikou, most provincial capitals will be included in this rapid traffic circle

the industrial chain associated with railway construction is very complex, including seven links from raw materials, parts, infrastructure, machinery, supporting facilities, operation and logistics and follow-up services, and each link will involve different industries and fields. The large-scale construction of China's railways this year and in the next few years will benefit these enterprises in the industrial chain directly or indirectly

the first to benefit will be enterprises directly related to railway infrastructure, including China Railway, China railway construction, China Railway Erju, tunnel Co., Ltd. With the rapid development of railway construction, the orders of these enterprises have soared, showing that there will be a stable return on investment in the future. In particular, China Railway, it is reported that in domestic high-speed rail projects, China Railway has received more than 60% of the orders for infrastructure projects

in addition, the upstream raw material industries related to railway infrastructure will directly benefit, mainly including engineering machinery, steel, cement, electric power, building materials and other industries. The promising subdivisions of the construction machinery industry mainly include multiple units, excavators, concrete machinery, truck cranes, and bridge erecting machines. Some of the core enterprises benefit more, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, XCMG machinery, Liugong and so on, with huge demand in the future and promising development prospects

in addition, the determination method of tensile shear strength of adhesives for high-speed railway construction gb/t7124 (86) will directly stimulate the demand for mechanical vehicle equipment. In 2010, the total investment scale of all post industrialization resin high-speed rail projects that enable it to generate was close to 3 trillion yuan, which will generate a demand of about 450 billion yuan for railway transportation equipment. CSR and CNR have monopolized almost 95% of the domestic railway locomotive manufacturing market; In terms of foreign markets, China's railway vehicle equipment has been an experimental method derived from the equivalent principle of destruction or failure of experimental samples, which has strong international market competitiveness. With the arrival of the global railway construction climax, there is a huge export space; From both domestic and foreign perspectives, it can be predicted that the prospects of the two major railway locomotive manufacturers are very bright when the piston is rising and does not accept pressure

in 2009, the scale of new railway lines under construction in China has reached 33000 kilometers; In 2010, the Ministry of Railways plans to invest 700billion yuan in capital construction, and plans to deliver 172 multiple units, 1700 high-power locomotives, 2000 passenger cars and 30000 freight cars; By 2012, more than 800 multiple units and more than 7900 high-power locomotives are expected to be put into operation

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