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Application of cloud desktop management in railway industry: high tech + high efficiency is too cool.

on December 27, 2017, the people's railway newspaper reported on the data transmission room management center of Lanzhou West High Speed Railway of China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. in a large format. As the first cloud desktop system applied to railway production by ZTE in China's railway industry, this scheme has strong reproducibility and versatility, It can be copied and applied not only in various railway administration centers in China, but also in all walks of life outside the railway

railway informatization plays an important supporting role in railway operation. The rapid development of informatization drives the railway modernization and meets the requirements of the new industrialization road. After more than 30 years of development, railway information system has developed from scratch, from small to large, from single machine version to multi-level network application, and the technology has developed with each passing day

Lanzhou west railway station is under the jurisdiction of China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and is now a special station. It is a national first-class modern giant hub station, the largest road type railway passenger station in the west, and one of the ten regional passenger transport centers planned by China Railway Corporation. In order to ensure the normal operation of various railway information systems, Lanzhou Bureau has established three communication foundations: computer network and transmission, exchange, and data communication, and has successively built a large number of application information systems represented by train dispatching and command system, railway transportation management information system, and passenger ticket sale and reservation system

as an important communication convergence center of Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed railway, the data transmission and management center of Lanzhou West High Speed Railway in Lanzhou communication section mainly undertakes the management and monitoring of 10G, 2.5G, access, data, optical fiber repeater, BTS, integrated video, environmental monitoring system and other related equipment of Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed railway. At the same time, it meets the requirements of performance, durability and cost. It also undertakes Baotou Lanzhou high speed railway, Zhongchuan intercity railway, Baotou Lanzhou railway, Lanzhou Wuhan railway, Baotou Lanzhou railway The monitoring and maintenance tasks of the transmission access network of Lanqing line. These management clients use a total of more than 40 computers, and the management task is very heavy, which brings great challenges to the daily maintenance and monitoring processing of management personnel. More than 40 computers are placed on the desktop of the management center, with messy layout, high noise and poor heat dissipation, which have become a long-term problem for management personnel. How to simplify management and improve management efficiency is an important issue in front of the management center

after understanding the current situation and difficulties of the management center, ZTE Co., Ltd. combined with the opinions and requirements of engineers from the electrical Affairs Office of Lanzhou Bureau and Lanzhou communication section, and after many joint discussions and verifications, proposed a new management center solution based on cloud desktop and assisted by large screen display system. ZTE's four pre-sales engineers, two R & D experts, two after-sales engineers and 16 technical maintenance personnel in the data transmission room of Lanzhou West High Speed Railway in Lanzhou communication section spent a whole month to brainstorm and overcome difficulties. The centralized management of the pipe was realized with the cloud desktop system, which opened a new Bureau of the pipe center. This part is generally the land (SEA) military fastener surface with aviation quality processed from aluminum blank, Provide more comprehensive and accurate services for railway traffic command

the cloud desktop system adopts a centralized deployment scheme, using a ZTE r5300g3 server as the management server, two ZTE r5300g3 servers as the resource server, and a ZTE ks3200 magnetic array as the storage resource pool, which together form the cloud desktop server platform through Ethernet switches. The cloud desktop server platform is connected to the 40 sleeve server network. 44 virtual machines are configured on the cloud desktop platform to display the information of the 40 bushing system on the large screen at the same time, and the management operation of the 40 bushing system can be completed with only 4 terminals

after the cloud desktop system project was put into use, the maintenance, patrol inspection and fault handling of the management center were greatly simplified, and the management efficiency of all systems in the management center was greatly improved. In addition, the chaotic layout of the former traditional management center was changed, and the data transmission center of Lanzhou West high speed railway was built into a comprehensive management center with advanced technology, much less cooling water required, simple maintenance, complete functions and elegant environment

ZTE, the contractor of the cloud desktop system project of the data transmission and management center of Lanzhou West high speed railway, is the world's leading provider of integrated communication solutions. It has the most complete end-to-end product line and integration solutions in the communication industry, and has fully served the top operators in the global high-end market

ZTE adheres to continuous technological innovation to create value for customers. It has 19 global R & D institutions in the United States, Canada, Sweden, China and other countries, and more than 30000 domestic and foreign R & D personnel focus on industrial technological innovation. From 2010 to 2016, the company ranked among the top three PCT international patent applications in the world for seven consecutive years. In 2016, PCT international patent applications won the championship three times, and ranked among the top 70 global innovative enterprises and the top 50 global ICT enterprises with an annual R & D investment of US $1.9 billion. Relying on 107 branches around the world, ZTE has won the trust and cooperation of global customers with its continuously enhanced innovation ability, outstanding flexible customization ability and increasingly improved delivery ability. In the future, ZTE will continue to be committed to leading the development of the global LCD real-time display communication industry and coping with the ever-changing challenges in the global communication field

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