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The future of German photovoltaic solar energy industry is worrying

the voice of Germany 11. With the continuous spread of the European debt crisis, European countries have 1. The maximum load: 10, 20, 30, 50 actively assist the orderer to complete the maintenance tasks, 100kN has cut subsidies to the domestic solar energy industry, resulting in the downturn of the whole industry and the oversupply of the market. Weber, director of the German Institute of solar energy systems, said that 2011 was a milestone year for the German photovoltaic power generation industry, and the electricity produced by photovoltaic power generation facilities has been at the same price as that produced by traditional energy. However, due to the high dependence of solar power on the weather and the environment, in Germany, where the geographical latitude is high and the sun is insufficient, large-scale photovoltaic power stations will not really compete with traditional energy until 2020

hoomer, director of the German solar energy research center, said that Germany's photovoltaic industry is a "man-made industry" built entirely on government support, and it will be difficult to maintain the average ear Valley High and electricity price guarantee without government support. Professor Berghaus of Jacob University in Bremen, Germany, said that Chinese solar energy enterprises were also affected in 2011. German photovoltaic enterprises are the core technology and production equipment suppliers of Chinese enterprises. If China's photovoltaic market shrinks, German enterprises will not be able to survive alone. Increased by 10.67%

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