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Pia/gatf announced the winners of InterTech 2008

the American Printing Industry Association/Image Technology Foundation (, abbreviated pia/gatf) announced the winners of InterTech 2008 technology awards on July 16. In the past 30 years, products that have won the InterTech technology award of pia/gatf have not only had a significant impact on the graphic and image industry, but also obtained good commercial value

a review committee composed of independent people reviewed a wide range of products, from printing consumables to MIS systems and large format printers. In the review in 2008, the improvement of production efficiency is a key throughout: This includes automatic production system, online processing process control and management system, etc. In addition, innovations in digital printing machine, prepress system, 1. Temperature control range: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃), color management, flexographic printing materials and value-added printing services also won the favor of the judges. Finally, from the 28 submitted products, 10 products stood out and finally won the prize

the final winning products of the 2008 InterTech technology award are:

Alwan dynamic 2 plastic Many kinds of raw materials for food contact materials such as rubber and additives for food contact materials are clearly defined as Alwan dynamic devicelinks

Alwan color expertise

ASCO Neo PDF software

Bora P.A.C.E. cutting system

Heidelberg company

print press control)

Heidelberg company

has e-commerce Hiflex MIS system supported by network stores and printing services

hiflex company

inca onset digital printing system

inca digital printing machine Co., Ltd.

Kodak flex NX flexographic digital plate making system

Kodak graphics and image group

metalfx metal ink color matching system

metalfx technology company

Platinum White Technology

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