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Phthalic anhydride polyester polyol is expected to become a new selling point in the market

phthalic anhydride polyester polyol is expected to become a new selling point in the market

June 16, 2004

phthalic anhydride polyol as a substitute for polyether is becoming the focus of the recent market. According to relevant data, phthalic anhydride polyester polyol can not only replace polyether, but also be mixed with polyether polyol in different proportions. Compared with pure polyether polyol, foam performance has the following advantages: (1) the product has good flame retardancy; (2) The product has good toughness and excellent sound insulation effect; (3) The product has high reactivity and good adhesion; (4) The product has good heat resistance, low temperature resistance and oil resistance; (5) The product is white in color and delicate in foam; (6) Significantly reduce the thermal conductivity

phthalic anhydride polyester polyol belongs to aromatic polyester, which is very simple. It is formed by catalytic reaction of phthalic anhydride, diethylene glycol, adipic acid, glycerol, quaternary tetranol, etc. The products are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, petrochemicals, building materials and furniture industries, and can be used in refrigerator cold insulation, disinfection cabinet, cold storage, refrigerated car, pipe heat insulation and cold insulation, building board, imitation wood furniture, adhesives, sole stock solution, plastic run metal spiral pipe jg/t 3013 (9) 4 for prestressed concrete and spraying materials. The products involve spraying materials, thermal insulation and cold insulation materials, plates, and impact test boxes of imitation wood furniture, but there are different quotations Thermoplastic semi-rigid foam, adhesives, one component adhesives, sole stock solution and other fields

the price of this product is basically the same as that of polyether, at about 11000 yuan/ton. At present, there are few domestic manufacturers, except that Nanjing Jinling Stepan Chemical Co., Ltd. has just been put into construction, and its working process is to realize the 20000 ton/year phthalic anhydride polyol unit through software operation. The 3000 ton phthalic anhydride polyol unit of Zhuhai Guoao technology and Trade Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation at the beginning of the year

this product is still in the market development period. Compared with polyether, it has certain technical advantages, but whether it can become a new favorite in the market remains to be tested by time

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