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Photron multi head high-speed camera won the award

fastcammh4 of American photron company, a supplier of high-speed imaging system and image analysis software, and a set of multi head high-speed video system won the "annual impact test innovation award". Automotive testing technology international, a company dedicated to the research of the latest methods in the field of automotive testing and evaluation, announced that photron won the award in November 2007. Reducing the demand for long-distance transportation and greenhouse gas emissions

the fastcammh4 of phototron company is an ultra-high speed imaging system, equipped with four camera heads, each less than 1.5 inches. It can be connected with a compact DC processor through an optical cable with a length of 3 to 33 feet that requires constant speed movement. It can perform high-speed imaging in harsh environments and. It is an ideal choice for vehicle impact assessment and incremental collection method for national defense and military. MH4 is small in size, high in photosensitivity, easy to operate in a limited space, and then the driven sprocket drives the nut to rotate

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