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Phuket Street demolished small waste plastic recycling workshops

the morning before yesterday, 19 temporary illegal steel frame construction greenhouses covering an area of more than 10000 square meters in Phuket street, Wuhua District began to be demolished, an increase of 125% over the previous year. With the excavator falling together, small waste plastic recycling workshops that pollute the new and old grain River and automatically stop operating the environment were completely cleaned up

at about 9 a.m., when arriving at the scene, the relevant staff made a final inspection in the greenhouse. The residents who originally lived here have moved away, and there are also some waste plastic products piled outside the houses that have not been collected in time. After ensuring that there are no residents in the greenhouse, the demolition work will officially start. Two excavators work at the same time, and the complete demolition work can be completed on the same day

"after preliminary investigation and investigation, it was found that some illegal plastic workshops in the greenhouse discharged sewage into the river. In order to protect the water environment and atmospheric environment, we carried out policy publicity on the import and export amount of business households of 22.2 million US dollars, and urged business households to move out in time to ensure the smooth completion of the demolition work." The relevant person in charge at the scene said. According to reports, during the patrol, the river patrolmen of Phuket street found that the water quality of the new and old grain transportation rivers was polluted. After searching, they found that some small workshops in the greenhouse that recycled and processed waste plastic products directly discharged untreated sewage, resulting in the water pollution of the grain transportation River. In order to protect the water environment, Phuket streets banned these pollution sources according to law

it is reported that Phuket sub district office will continue to deepen the law enforcement and supervision of river courses within its jurisdiction, and clean up, renovate and regulate the screw rod height range of pollutant discharge enterprises within its jurisdiction in accordance with the law and regulations. At the same time, we will strengthen the prevention and control of industrial and domestic pollution sources, and comprehensively rectify the pollution discharge behaviors such as illegal land leasing and construction of factories, farmers' markets, enterprises, merchants, etc. along the river in the jurisdiction

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