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Changing the development mode to control haze under the new normal, Weichai is actively seeking

changing the development mode to control haze under the new normal, Weichai is actively seeking

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in China, only 5% of the total number of vehicles emit more than 60% of CO2, while only 1.5% of the U.S. automobile sales consume more than 70% of diesel, and the engine thermal efficiency reaches 50%-55%. Improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions has become an important path for countries around the world to implement air pollution prevention and control

"China's internal combustion engine industry also has a long way to go. How to change the development mode, establish a complete ecological civilization system and system under the new normal, and build a beautiful China under the dome is a new thinking that every enterprise operation team leader should carry out in inspection and supervision." Today we will talk about the matters needing attention of the material tensile testing machine After attending the two sessions, tanxuguang, chairman of China internal combustion engine industry association and chairman of Weichai group, said that the internal combustion engine is the industry with the largest oil consumption in China, and the emission standards are becoming increasingly strict, which forces relevant enterprises to make great efforts in the selection of technical routes, the development of circular economy such as energy conservation and emission reduction research and development, remanufacture, the promotion of new energy technologies, and the application of new materials and processes, Only by further improving the energy-saving and emission reduction level of internal combustion engine products can we improve the competitiveness of enterprises and do our duty to control haze at the same time

system support

tanxuguang took Weichai as an example to introduce the efforts made by enterprises under the new normal of China's haze control

as the only powertrain supplier in China, Weichai has integrated industry resources. After system optimization and matching, the R & D efficiency of Weichai powertrain has been improved by 30% and the fuel consumption has been reduced by 10%-15%. At the same time, the formation of Weichai R & D team with a thousand people and the R & D pattern of "five countries and ten places" provides a reliable guarantee for the development of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy. At present, Weichai is improving fuel efficiency and reducing NOx emissions by optimizing fuel system, injection pressure and injection law, adopting new combustion technology, variable cross-section supercharging technology, two-stage supercharging technology and PBS technology, and with the help of powertrain optimization

he said that Weichai spared no effort in the investment of new technologies and new products. By integrating the enterprise wos operation system, the global R & D community, the global supply chain system, and the full life cycle membership exclusive service system, Weichai has built a smart power platform and become an incubator of new products for enterprises. The WP13 engine with the four national standards has been launched, On the emission technology route, SCR exhaust treatment technology with low requirements for explosion pressure is selected, bringing China's heavy-duty engines into a new era of 13 liter engines

at the 2015 annual business conference, Weichai successively launched more than a dozen new products, such as truck power, construction machinery power, bus power, etc., with an overall layout from 3L to 13L, from light to medium and heavy engines, fully meeting the requirements of the fourth national emission regulations. Facing the upgrading of emission regulations, Weichai has made adequate preparations in terms of products and technology

remanufacturing force

from the perspective of developing circular economy, remanufactured parts have high economy and practicality. Compared with manufacturing new products, remanufactured products can generally save 50% of the cost, 60% of the energy and 70% of the materials, and the price is only 50% to 70% of the new products

in 2008, Weichai established a remanufacture company, which is one of the first 14 pilot enterprises for remanufacture of auto parts determined by the national development and Reform Commission. In march2012, it passed the acceptance of the remanufacture pilot, and was selected as the pilot enterprise for "trade in" of the experimental process product organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Bureau of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in 2015, 30 engine models were shortlisted in the "trade in" promotion and replacement product model list

in addition, Weichai has been committed to the research and development of alternative fuel internal combustion engine products. At present, Weichai LNG (liquefied natural gas) power has been widely used in the fields of long-distance buses, wide body dump trucks, heavy trucks and construction machinery. In 2014, 51000 units were sold, with a growth rate of more than 30%

process control

in addition to transforming the development mode, accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, and improving the ability of independent innovation to support the transformation and upgrading of the internal combustion engine industry, Weichai also pays attention to energy and material conservation in the production process of internal combustion engines to achieve green production

After learning the news, Shanghai Great World Guinness headquarters installed 24750 250W photovoltaic modules in the plant of Weichai Industrial Park, with a total installed capacity of 6100kwp and a building photovoltaic area of 73000 square meters. Since July 1, 2014, the construction has been completed and power generation has been realized. The annual power generation of the project has reached more than 7 million kwh, which not only eased the pressure on enterprises to use electricity, reduced the electricity expenditure by about 1million yuan, but also reduced the annual carbon dioxide emission by 2212 tons; Weichai Industrial Park has built a wastewater regeneration and reuse system with a daily treatment capacity of 1000 tons. The advanced process of quality based pretreatment and comprehensive treatment is adopted, with an annual reuse of 360000 tons of reclaimed water and 360000 tons of fresh water saved

"over the past 70 years, Weichai has provided products and services to nearly 5million customers in China, which has won the trust of the market and customers. In energy conservation and emission reduction, Weichai is also changing its development model, exploring low-carbon development, and playing a role in China's fight for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental governance." Tanxuguang said

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