How to crack the three traps of home decoration

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After buying a house, however, you can't stop. It's true that some people often use a single decoration to describe the hard work of family decoration. Nowadays, in the face of many dazzling decoration companies and many road decoration guerrillas, it is the first choice to choose a decoration company with the best cost performance. Insiders in the decoration industry remind consumers that if there is no decoration, they should find a regular company. Don't be greedy for a temporary bargain and suffer losses in the future. At the same time, they should sign a contract with the decoration company to facilitate the protection of rights in case of problems

first, Mr. Yang, an employee of an Engineering Co., Ltd., reported to the reporter that the boss of the company left without saying goodbye. Not only did the three employees of the company not get a penny, but also the boss owed tens of thousands of yuan to several material merchants. In addition, the four projects under construction of the company had to be unfinished. Mr. Shu, the owner, handed over the new house decoration business to the company. He angrily told the reporter that he had paid the decoration deposit. After only half of the decoration, he disappeared and had to look for the company to decorate again. He also said that such an unscrupulous boss can only spend money to buy lessons

expert advice: before decoration, first investigate the qualification of the decoration company. Whether there are companies registered and qualified for interior decoration, these companies can be bound by the home decoration Committee and the home decoration joint office, and they can do authoritative arbitration. It's best to find some well-known decoration companies, so the quality will be greatly guaranteed

II. Missing items in the quotation

there is a decoration company that looks very formal, but I heard that the price is relatively high before. Miss li of an advertising company looked for several decoration companies before decoration, and the final total quotation seemed to be always low. Out of curiosity, Miss Li calculated by herself what was cheaper? After the classification calculation, she found that many decoration projects of companies with low quotations were not included. For example, laying bricks does not include the skirting line, and the skirting line is charged separately, etc. The salesman deliberately did not add this part of the money when calculating. Miss Li asked the salesman carefully and said that it needed to be calculated separately. Some companies deliberately omit items. When the decoration is half done, consumers have to pay obediently

expert advice: insiders remind that after the decoration company provides the quotation, don't be confused by the so-called low price. Every detail of the project should be strictly examined to avoid intentional omission by the decoration company. In order to avoid the situation that it is difficult to ride a tiger in the decoration process, so we have to add money to get things done

III. Jerry built construction

for the problem of Jerry built construction, Mr. Wang, the head of the factory Department, pointed out that don't underestimate the greasiness in the decoration construction: if you don't make a waterproof layer, you can save more than 600 yuan; A waterproof wall with a height of at least 1.8 meters should be built on the wall for bathing. They often don't do it, and users generally don't know it; There is also paint, which should have been mixed with water by 5% - 10%, and they often mix more with water &hellip& hellip; Shoddy is also a big problem. At present, there are many kinds of putty powder with poor quality, boiled edge banding, fake take-off board, fake gypsum board, fake Nippon Paint, which can't be distinguished without some professional knowledge

expert advice: it is impossible to prevent the problem of cutting corners. Therefore, the signed contract must strictly require the construction technology. If the construction party cannot fulfill the commitments in the contract. For the case of substantiation, read more materials and learn some necessary methods to identify the authenticity. Also, the contract must have a detailed list of materials, clearly stating the brand and series. Although some decoration companies specify the brand, consumers should also be careful that their other series of the same brand are fishy eyed and shoddy




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