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Water based wood paint, to put it bluntly, is the paint with "water" as the diluent, which is divided into three categories according to the number of its components:

(1) the first category is the water-based wood paint with acrylic acid as the main component. Its main characteristics are: good adhesion will not deepen the color of wood, but poor wear and chemical resistance. Because of its low technical content and low cost, it has become the main product in the market. It is mostly used for the coating of wood products with low wear resistance requirements

(2) the second type is water-based wood paint based on the composition of acrylic acid and polyurethane. In addition to the characteristics of the above acrylic water-based paint, it also has the characteristics of strong wear and chemical resistance of polyurethane. It is mostly used for the coating of wood products with low wear resistance requirements

(3) the third category is 100% polyurethane water-based paint (i.e. two-component water-based paint), whose wear resistance even reaches the performance of oil-based paint. It is a high-end product in water-based wood paint, which is mostly used for the coating of wood products with high requirements for hardness and wear resistance

master the above classification of water-based wood paint. Here are the basic components of popularizing water-based wood paint: Based on the properties and characteristics of water-based wood paint, water-based wood paint is composed of the following substances:

(1) polymer lotion or dispersion, which is the base material for film formation, determines the performance of the film

(2) film forming additives: after water volatilizes, make lotion or dispersion particles form a uniform and dense film, And can improve the film-forming property under low temperature conditions

(3) leveling agent: improve the construction performance of the paint to form a flat and smooth coating

(4) wetting agent: improve the wettability of the enterprise to the substrate, improve the leveling property, and increase the adhesion of the paint film to the substrate

(5) dispersant: promote the dispersion of pigments and fillers in the paint liquid

(6) rheological additives: provide good fluidity and leveling to the paint, Reduce the disadvantages in the emulsion process

(7) thickener: increase the viscosity of the paint solution, improve the film thickness of one-time coating, and prevent sedimentation and delamination of solid color paint

(8) preservative: prevent the paint solution from mildew during storage

(9) essence: make the paint liquid have a pleasant smell

(10) colorant: mainly for color paint, make water-based wood paint have rich color. Colorants include pigments and dyes. Pigments are used for solid paint (coating without exposing wood grain), dyes are used for transparent paint (coating with exposing wood grain)

(11) fillers: mainly used in putty and solid paint to increase solid components and reduce costs

(12) pH regulator: it is used to adjust the pH value of paint solution to stabilize the paint solution

(13) emulsion wax or wax powder: improve the scratch resistance of the paint film and improve its hand feeling

(14) other additives: additives added according to the special requirements of water-based paint, such as rust inhibitor (tin packaging to prevent rust), hardener (to improve the hardness of the paint film), matting agent (to reduce the gloss of the paint film), anti scratch agent, slip agent (to improve the hand feeling of the paint film), anti adhesion agent (to prevent the coating from laminating adhesion) Crosslinking agent (made into two-component paint to improve the comprehensive performance), ultraviolet absorber (anti-aging, prevent yellowing, used for outdoor wood paint)

burdink water-based paint was born in 2002 with German technology and imported raw materials. It is the only brand in China that focuses on the research and development and production of water-based wood paint. According to the composition, burdink water-based paint is divided into one-component water-based paint (acrylic polyurethane paint) Two component waterborne paint (polyurethane waterborne paint) is divided into five product series: waterborne furniture paint, waterborne wood door paint, waterborne door and window paint, waterborne landscape paint and waterborne home decoration paint. The products are widely used in the painting field of office furniture, suite furniture, American furniture, hotel furniture, outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, wooden doors and other wood products

burdink water-based paint has won the praise of many long-term partners with excellent product quality, leading construction technology and perfect service system, and has successfully helped many well-known home furnishing industries to successfully realize the transformation of "water-based coating". Among them, Huari furniture, Qumei home furnishing, Tata wooden doors, aorun Shunda doors and windows, liangmudao doors and windows and other well-known home furnishing industries are long-term strategic partners of burdink water-based paint; At the same time, burdink outdoor water-based paint has been used in hundreds of well-known projects, such as the Shanghai WorldExpo, Beijing landscape song, Beijing McCarran villa area, Xiamen Wuyuan Bay, Anshan yuanzhongyuan, Shenzhen South gaoxiu, Fuzhou Qishan wooden house, jiupengshan scenic spot wooden house, Tianjin tuanpo Lake Villa, etc. its good product quality and service have won high praise from insiders and customers

burdink water-based paint is famous in the home furnishing industry without making public advertisements and relying on its own strength. It proves its product strength with customer examples

Qumei home water-based coating and hoisting workshop

Tata wood door water-based coating workshop

orrun Shunda doors and windows came to our company for investigation and negotiation

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