Good news joined Lianxia three cities, Suifu doors

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The spring breeze is warm, and the bright sun shines on the earth. When the spring investment of Suifu doors and windows was hot, the good news of joining came one after another. Recently, Suifu welcomed three good news: President Weng'an Guan of Guizhou, President Gong of Zunyi of Guizhou, and President Peng of Ganzhou of Jiangxi successfully signed a contract to join Suifu doors and windows

after investigating the brand strength of Suifu doors and windows, understanding the cooperation policy and product quality, general manager Guan, general manager Gong and general manager Peng were very satisfied. They are optimistic about the new brand strategic ideas of Suifu doors and windows, agree with the operation scale, marketing concept and grand goals of Suifu doors and windows, and happily reach a cooperation agreement with Suifu

thank general manager Guan, general manager Gong and general manager Peng for their trust and support of Suifu door and window brand. I wish all major franchised stores a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources! Suifu doors and windows will go hand in hand with you to create a brilliant future

Suifu doors and windows should respond to the changing market demand, vigorously promote brand strategy, and develop Suifu's influence in all regions. Improve the brand image and build a Chinese brand of assured doors and windows. Now the whole country is attracting investment, and we sincerely invite you to join us

embark on a new journey, where opportunities and challenges coexist; Suifu will work together with you to create a better tomorrow. Choose Suifu and harvest happiness




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