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The house with an area of 80 square meters is one of the most popular house types in the housing market. It can meet the living needs of small families. Therefore, this kind of house type is sought after by young home buyers. The house of 80 square meters is not large. How can it be decorated to give people a bright feeling? Today, Xiaobian brings you a decoration case of an 80 square meter house. The owner makes reasonable use of every inch of space in the house to create an extremely warm residence

80 square meter house decoration effect picture 1

the picture is the Hall part of the house. The extensive use of white makes the hall space very bright. The shape of furniture is very simple, but extremely comfortable. The black deer, a small Trojan horse, makes people feel the happiness of children. The colorful pillows and exquisite carpets can not only inject more colors into the room, but also bring a very warm feeling

80 square meter house decoration effect drawing II

on the left side of the hall is the dining room, and the design of this area is also very creative. The wooden dining table with white plastic stool is natural and warm. The owner is very good at using space. It creates an L-shaped card seat on the wall and puts a comfortable cushion on the card seat. This design is not only very practical, but also very practical and comfortable

80 square meter house decoration effect drawing III

the master room has a small space, but it is arranged warmly and comfortably. The wall and wardrobe are white, which ensures the brightness of the bedroom to the greatest extent. The ground is covered with log colored floors, which has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. The wide sofa bed brings the owner high-quality sleep. The very white lattice bed is not simple and elegant, simple but not simple

80 square meter house decoration effect drawing IV

the space of children's room is not very large, only about 10 square meters. Because there are two babies at home, the owner chose the double bed up and down, and the wooden stairs are used between the two beds, which looks very warm. The bed is covered with cartoon bedding and cute dolls, which is full of childlike fun. In order to create a lively living room atmosphere, the host also used five-color curtains and wooden floors with cartoon patterns

80 square meter house decoration effect picture V

in order to let children have a good learning space, the owner also carefully built a small study. Although the study is not big, the layout is very considerate. The owner created a white desk and bookshelf on the windowsill, and put bright green plants on it, which is the best school garden. For better interaction and learning exchange, the host created a blackboard with the whole wall, which is not only convenient for the school, but also full of a strong learning atmosphere

the above is about the decoration effect drawing of an 80 square meter house and the relevant sharing of 60000 to build an 80 square meter dynamic parent-child house, for your reference





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