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After a night of fighting, Luban home has completed a huge upgrade! In this upgrade, we launched a new single mode - a reward order

as the name suggests, the reward mode is a mode in which the lower Party independently sets the service price! A little partner who has been proficient in buy it now and quotation mode will definitely be depressed. What the hell is the reward mode? How to use it

have you ever encountered such a situation

? I placed a buy it now order, but because the address is too remote, no master is willing to accept the order service

? I placed a quotation order, and the masters' quotations are high and low. I'm afraid the low ones are unreliable, and the high ones feel worthless. None of them meets my psychological price

? The customer asked the master to help him dismantle the old products before he came to the door for installation. The next buy it now order does not include the demolition fee. The master felt unreasonable and was unwilling to accept the order

? As an e-commerce provider, after a long time, I have a general understanding of the installation prices in all parts of the country. The buy it now price can not meet the needs of all parts of the country. I'm too troublesome to quote. If only I could set the price myself

? As the installation demander, if the service price exceeds my acceptance range, I will definitely not

this time, Luban's home makes you no longer frown over the service price! The new reward order mode is officially launched, and the service price is up to you. The nearest matching master can quickly respond to orders. Good service should not only be efficient and considerate, but also have a satisfactory price





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