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Generally, only one decorative line is used on the wall surface of the space, which is arranged at a position 0.8 m to 1 m from the ground, also known as the waist line. The position of ceramic tile waist line is like the waist line of clothing, which is an indispensable ornament. Such as the popular release of fashion, the ceramic tile waistline that determines the style of home decoration also has its own trend changes

extremely thin waist line: elegant and delicate

the size is consistent, neat and uniform, which is the standard requirement for laying ceramic tiles in the past. Traditional waistlines are rectangular tiles, and there are no other changes in appearance except for the changes in design and color. The design of small-size thin waistlines has gradually appeared in fashionable new products in recent years. Thin waistline can be used with ordinary waistline or alone

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thick waist line: the pattern wins

compared with people who like delicate style, people who like bright colors and large patterns also have personalized choices. Using large-area flower pieces to replace the waist line, in addition to the stronger impact of the color, different assembly methods can also brighten people's eyes. You can choose different tiles according to users' preferences, make artistic permutations and combinations, and create personalized designs

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square waist line: surround the mirror

in addition to the above several paste methods, there are many creative paste methods for the waist line. Paste it around the mirror, so that the mirror has a frame that can match the wall. The feeling of space is more coordinated





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