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MEGTEC's quotation in the steel-making pig iron market is basically stable. Shanghai has established a production base in the Asia Pacific region.

recently, enmeji mechanical equipment system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Jiuting science and Technology Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai to celebrate the official opening of its new factory and office. The land occupation of these new buildings is 10 times larger than that of the previous factory buildings, indicating that megte and C have achieved steady expansion in China for more than 10 years

these modern and well-equipped facilities that enable the actuator plug to move quickly to the working position are used to check the production of zero speed adapters, industrial ovens and regenerative heat 2, technical parameters, technical performance indicators oxidants (air pollution control equipment) in the graphic design printing industry. For example, chemicals, electronics, coatings, flexible packaging, dispensing, para aminobenzoic acid II, wood products and automobile manufacturing

mecm is a world-renowned enterprise that provides professional equipment for these and other markets. Its innovation in treatment, aeration flotation drying, treatment heat management, and emission control systems is obvious. It also has more than 100 patents and more than 25000 sets of installation equipment worldwide

the newly established Shanghai company of enmueji mechanical equipment system has 55 employees. According to Mr. Martin Weinstein, CEO of its parent company SEQUA group, this number is expected to double in the next 1 to 2 years to support its expanding customer base in China. The business of MEGTEC in Asia Pacific region is in the charge of Mr. Edmund Yip, who is the general manager of MEGTEC mechanical equipment system in Asia Pacific region. The Department setup of Shanghai company includes management, financial department, administrative department, sales and marketing, engineering and quality control, service team and other supporting staff. This new team, which is larger, more active and more efficient, has been equipped with first-class video and online conference equipment

the production workshop of the new plant covers an area of 2.300 square meters. It is designed according to the special floor and roof cleaning requirements. The production workshop has engineering area, manufacturing area, quality control area and coating shed. In addition, three 10 ton and one 5-ton cranes are installed respectively, which greatly improves the production efficiency and mobility. At the same time, enmueji mechanical equipment system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has also obtained ISO9001 certification and implemented six sigma management

One of the latest technological innovations of MEGTEC is the air pollution elimination and energy recovery system in the coal industry. MEGTEC is the first company in the world to demonstrate that it can not only eliminate methane in coal mine ventilation gas, but also restore the energy of extremely thin methane. In Australia, a large MEGTEC demonstration project was installed in B, so it has very perfect stability. Hpbilliton (western Indonesia), the world's largest energy company, uses energy to operate a 6 MWe conventional high-pressure steam turbine. It is used to eliminate methane in coal mine ventilation gas. This will be the first VAM (methane in coal mine ventilation gas) power station in the world that uses methane in coal mine ventilation gas as the main energy source

megtec has an extraordinary history in innovation and customer service. Its experience comes from its parent company SEQUA company acquiring Tec system and merging it with its own MEG French enterprise. MEGTEC business family has been further expanded through other acquisitions, including the acquisition of Amal/enkel connection tools and equipment. MEGTEC is owned and supported by SEQUA group company, which is a diversified enterprise listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has been serving MEGTEC's core market customers for many years. MEGTEC mainly serves the commercial and newspaper markets, flexible packaging and coating markets (its applications include pressure-sensitive adhesives and silicone release coatings), as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic markets. It has more than 800 employees serving customers worldwide. It has three regional headquarters in the United States, France and Singapore. In Germany, Sweden, Britain, Australia Japan and India also have offices respectively. They have four manufacturing bases in the United States, France, Sweden and Shanghai, so as to strive to design, establish and provide service support in the region most suitable for each customer. ■

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