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Meierya Futures: the spring flower is not in bloom, and the rise of Shanghai Jiaotong is difficult.

on Thursday, commodity futures fell more or less. Due to the overnight sharp rise in international crude oil and another 10 dollars, especially for highly demanding production materials, another 6 dollars, Shanghai fuel oil rebounded ahead, strong wheat, Shanghai gold and other varieties rebounded slightly to follow up, and Shanghai Jiaotong also ranked at the end with an increase of 0.27%; Many varieties led by rapeseed oil, soybean oil and soybeans fell sharply, and rapeseed oil closed at the limit. The Shanghai stock index was hit hard again, falling to 3411.49, a new low in nine months. The simulation period index 806-1 must gradually find out the reason why it fell to 5075 points, down 120 points, or 2.31%, slightly less than the spot index, but the important psychological support has been broken through, and it is difficult to bottom in the future market

on March 27, the Shanghai Jiao 807 contract closed at 22415 yuan/ton, up 60 yuan or 0.27%. Although Shanghai Jiao has rebounded slightly in recent days, the rising energy is obviously insufficient. The sharp rise of international crude oil and the continuous rebound of Tokyo rubber have supported the upward movement of Shanghai rubber. The spot price from China rubber has been stable at the average price of 22343 yuan/ton. The downward space of Shanghai Rubber seems to be limited, but it is worth noting that Shanghai rubber has continued to reduce its positions and volume recently, and the upward pressure is still heavy, and the expected large-scale rebound has not yet arrived. The Shanghai Jiaotong 807 contract is more likely to oscillate and fall in the aftermarket, and it is suggested to maintain the idea of short selling in the medium term

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