Bridgestone released the 2014 Sustainable Developm

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Bridgestone released the 2014 sustainable development report

recently, Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. officially released the 2014 sustainable development report (CSR Report) (hereinafter referred to as the 2014csr report). The report summarizes the actual achievements of Bridgestone (China) in daily business activities, environment, safety, social contribution activities and other aspects in 2014, and solemnly declares to the society the solid belief that Bridgestone will persevere in fulfilling the society and continuously strengthen the cause of social contribution

the report made it clear that under the premise of "contributing to the society with the highest quality" as the unchanging mission of the enterprise, Pulis, on the one hand, reflected the CSR topics required by the society into the "ideal posture", and refined them into "22 topics" of CSR activities; On the other hand, by comprehensively penetrating the understanding of CSR activities of every employee in the world, we strive to promote CSR work in a lasting and orderly manner throughout the group. Whether for the internal or external environment of the enterprise, Bridgestone will attach great importance to it and carry out social related activities simultaneously with the operation of the enterprise

adhering to the concept of "enterprise society is business itself", Bridgestone's recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base. While gradually improving the tire business system in China, it will continue to introduce and implement advanced technology and diversification, process high-quality goods, and actively deploy an integrated sales channel of technical services covering the country, In order to condense the goods and services with the mission of "the highest quality" of the enterprise and offer them to the majority of consumers. At the same time, Bridgestone (China) has long been committed to social contribution activities in safety, environmental protection, regional specific topics and other aspects in collaboration with its four factories, technology centers and other institutions

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