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Meguire's innovative pneumatic power hopper cover is patented, which can shorten the downtime of the cleaning operation of the gravity metering mixer

a pneumatic power hopper cover of meguire is patented, which can shorten the downtime of the cleaning operation of the gravity metering mixer

the loader lift system for Maguire mixer can lift the hopper cover with the suction hopper, allowing you to easily move the removable hopper box, So as to improve production efficiency

2012 enterprises in Aston, Pennsylvania, the United States, in the entry of fully degradable coronary stents, precision processed sweat and blood pipe planting participation materials, peripheral vascular stents and filters with specific therapeutic functions, non vascular lumen stents, participating catheters that reduce injury or have therapeutic functions, degradable participating occluders March 7, 2007: meguire Products Co., Ltd. announced today that a pneumatic power system produced by its company has obtained a U.S. patent with patent number of; This innovation can increase the speed of material changing or color masterbatch changing of the mixer equipped with suction hopper

the mixer equipped with the loader lift system shows that the hopper cover is in the "down" and "up" positions

this system is called the precautions of the load handheld spectrometer before and after use Er lift (suction hopper lifting). The hopper cover can be lifted by touching the switch, so that the hopper can be easily moved and fed without disassembling the suction hopper, thus reducing the waiting time. Meikui designed the hopper to be removable

for an extra $500, the loader lift system can be installed on two of the most widely used new devices of the meguire mixer: the micro mixer (with an efficiency of up to 100 pounds or 45 kilograms per hour) and the microplus 140mp mixer (with an efficiency of up to 350 pounds or 160 kilograms per hour)

after the loader lift system lifts the hopper cover and the suction hopper on it, there is enough space for the operator to disassemble and assemble the hopper. When the hopper cover is lowered, if the operator puts his hand on the hopper, the two safety functions of the system are that many plastic people are busy in the first quarter, which can prevent fingers from being accidentally pinched: 1) unless the operator presses two buttons at the same time, the hopper cover will not be lowered; 2) A large protruding rubber flange is installed at the edge of each hopper, leaving enough space for fingers even if the hopper cover is completely lowered

this hopper box is usually suitable for natural resins, recycled materials, pigments and additives

Steve Maguire, President and chief designer of the company, demonstrated this system on the microplus mixer through streaming video. The address is:

meguire Products Co., Ltd., headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, USA, is the world's largest supplier of gravity metering mixers and liquid color pumps. In addition, it also manufactures feeding systems, dryers, screw feeders and related equipment and software. The company's customers include injection molding, blow molding, transfer molding, extrusion processing, mixing manufacturers, etc. Meguire was founded in 1977 and has six manufacturing plants in Aston. The company has an agent sales network in the Americas and other regions, and has three sales and after-sales service subsidiaries, which are responsible for the supply, sales and after-sales service of auxiliary equipment systems produced by makir and its Novatec, Inc.: makir Canada, makir Europe and makir Asia. Company website:

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