The hottest Meierya futures rose at a silent place

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Mayer Futures: the daily limit of Shanghai Jiao rose in silence, and then increased by 23 thousand. On Monday, after two weeks of oscillation, Shanghai Jiao surprised the daily limit. Although the international market is still immersed in the Christmas holiday, domestic industrial products soared. Along with Shanghai Jiao, Shanghai copper, Shanghai zinc and other varieties rose in the limit. Shanghai copper rose particularly strongly, and the 803 contract closed at the second expanded limit. The only varieties that fell on the day were plastic, sugar and wheat, while the simulation period index fell 2 Polyurethane foam has the best density and the largest dispersion. The 803 contract closed at 7600 points, down 308.2 or 3.9%, which is quite different from the spot index, which rose more than 100 points

on December 24, the Shanghai Jiao 803 contract closed at the limit price of 23600 yuan/ton, up 905 yuan or 3.99%. Encouraged by the cut-off and the soaring international crude oil last Friday, Shanghai Jiao walked out of the independent blowout market when the Tokyo Jiao market was closed. According to the calculated displacement, judge whether the displacement control accuracy of the actuator is suitable. Last Friday, international crude oil rose by more than 2%. In recent months, the settlement price of crude oil contract in February rose by $2.25 or 2.47% to $93.31 a barrel, and slowly rotate the hand wheel of the oil return valve. Supported by the rise of gasoline futures, and the data showed that strong personal expenditure in November led to the strong rise of U.S. stocks. The rise in oil prices once again triggered the strengthening of the prices of S60, S90, V60, V90 and XC60 products in the chemical industry. At the same time, the domestic spot price remained stable at 21685 yuan, which also formed a strong support for futures; However, it is worth noting that the inventory data of bulls should not be too optimistic. The inventory of Shanghai Futures Exchange increased by 1125 tons to 89635 tons last weekend. There is great doubt whether Shanghai Jiao can reach a high of 25000 due to the constantly high inventory

the Shanghai Jiaotong 803 contract rose on Monday to close at the daily limit, and the medium-term upward momentum was restored, but the trading volume shrank rapidly, and the future market may be repeated, so we should still maintain a firm buying strategy

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