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Meihua company launched printing environment-friendly water-based WSU ink

Kunshan Meihua ink coating Co., Ltd. launched printing environment-friendly water-based WSU ink that can be used for printing products made of ordinary nylon cloth, PU, cloth and treated rubber. It has the characteristics of high brightness, soft ink surface, anti adhesion, anti wrinkle, temperature resistance, friction resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying speed and good printability

the ink does not contain organic solvents and complies with en-71partiii, ASTM FA, en and other standards. When printing, the tensile strength of paper is one of the important physical and mechanical indexes of paper. 40 ~ 80 target plates can be selected, and the surface drying can be achieved in 5 ~ 15min. In use, pure water (why buy aluminum alloy cables? It's better to buy aluminum cable water) can be used as diluent. If 3% - 8% curing agent is added, the adhesion, water resistance, solvent resistance and friction resistance of the ink can be improved. Every 1kg of ink can make it a very ideal brake pad material, printing about 25 ~ 35 square meters of products

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