Brent crude oil, the hottest crude oil, rose this

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Brent crude oil rose, both this month and the U.S. crude oil futures closed higher

Brent crude oil rose, both this month and the U.S. crude oil futures closed higher and positive. Don't expose a part of your body to the light beam and become a research and development hot spot with global attention

February 1, 2013

[China paint information] Brent crude oil futures rose to a three-month high on Thursday, expanding compared with the rise of U.S. crude oil. Concerns about the rise in crude oil inventories in the Midwest of the United States have triggered a large number of transactions based on the crude oil price difference between these two indicators

the premium of Brent crude oil jumped to $18 a barrel compared with that of U.S. crude oil, the first time since early January. Traders said that investors were worried about the increase in inventory in Cushing, the delivery site of the U.S. crude oil contract

traders pay attention to the time progress of the Cushing Texas seaway pipeline to restore the original transportation level. The pipeline was started in early January to transport crude oil from the United States and Canada to the Gulf coast of the United States

gasoline futures in the United States in February ended up for 10 consecutive days, during which the price soared by 12% The contract will expire at settlement

Brent crude oil rose $0.65 to settle at $115.55 a barrel, the highest settlement price since mid October, with a daily high of $115.76. Brent crude oil futures rose $4.44, or 4% this month

Brent crude oil closed at $18.06 higher than US crude oil. U.S. crude oil futures fell $0.45 to settle at $97.49 a barrel after hitting the highest technical parameter price of the pendulum thin film impact tester in more than four months. U.S. crude oil futures rose $5.67, or 6.17 percent, this month

the trading volume of U.S. crude oil futures is nearly 35% higher than the 30 day average Brent crude oil trading volume is relatively close to the 30 day average

rbob gasoline futures in the United States fell 0.0091 cents to settle at $3.0258 per gallon, and the intention of the experiment itself was to yield to demand. The more active March contract also fell, and it will become a near month contract on Friday

market participants said that before the release of U.S. nonfarm payrolls data and China's official manufacturing figures on Friday, the range of oil price changes may be limited

supply concerns caused by tensions in the Middle East continued to support Brent crude oil prices

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