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Meijiashuang has been approved the production license of medical devices

the European Union has also invested a lot in the research and development of graphene in recent years

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on June 2, with the approval of Fujian Provincial Drug Administration, meijiashuang (China) Co., Ltd. was officially approved the five-year production license of medical devices (class II operating room infection control products), This also means that the mask will become a normal product of MJS (China) Co., Ltd. in the future, expanding the new version of the group in the category of sanitary products

meijiashuang uses innovative technology to rapidly increase mask production lines by means of transformation and introduction of equipment. Now it has 12 flat mask production lines. During normal protection, it must ensure the smoothness of lines. There are 15 N95 mask production lines, and the daily production capacity of masks has achieved a breakthrough of 9million pieces

currently, meijiashuang is still applying for the United States EUA, kn95 CE, American ASTM f2100, Russian EAC certification, F210 and other international certifications, that is, △ L ≤ 1.5. While actively providing sufficient anti epidemic materials for the country, in the face of the global epidemic, C. double statements: fully open user statements are severe. Meijiashuang is also committed to bringing Chinese brands to the world and contributing to the global anti epidemic. As a foreign trade enterprise, at present, Meijiashuang's masks are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, Italy and the United States

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