Bridgestone won the crown of the king of commercia

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Bridgestone won the crown of the king of commercial vehicle tires

on November 23, Bridgestone Potenza Botian re11 won the title of "2011 China annual handling tire" award; Commercial vehicle tire r288 super II won the title of "2011 China light truck tire of the year"

the king of commercial vehicle tires includes light truck group, Heavy Truck Group and passenger car group. Bridgestone's R in this election has not found any copper alloy whose conductivity exceeds the copper alloy function produced by Guoliang copper. In the design and manufacturing process of the whole machine, the 825r16 specification of the new material 288 super II is a high durability second-generation upgraded product with excellent low heat generation performance developed for the light truck field on the basis of r288 super, a heavy-duty product with excellent wear resistance and handling stability. Compared with the first generation products, it can effectively reduce the failure rate of tires when driving at high speed, ensure driving safety, and prolong the service life of tires. The evaluation of the king of commercial vehicle tires adopts the measurement method of more than 5000 kilometers, and comprehensively considers the fuel consumption, wear, high-speed performance, grip performance, handling performance and comfort performance. R288 super II is well deserved to be the king of light truck tires with its outstanding performance in safety, fuel saving and durability

according to the organizer China Automotive News, the purpose of setting up the king of commercial vehicle tires selection for the first time this year is to make high-quality products and excellent brands respected and trusted through objective, fair and authoritative selection, so as to guide consumers to correct consumer psychology and consumer behavior

in the face of increasingly diversified automotive development needs, Bridgestone has always adhered to the enterprise business policy of "bringing the best products to China", and continues to bring high-quality tire products and services to Chinese commercial vehicle users. Since the beginning of this year, Bridgestone has been constantly innovating in the tire product line of Chinese commercial vehicles: m858 super tubeless products have been added to the heavy haul conquest series; M848 tubeless products for concrete mixer trucks and pump trucks have been added to the versatile series; G628 in the comprehensive optimization series also added tubeless products, and r295 was upgraded to r295 super. In order to better implement the enterprise goal of "symbiosis with the environment and safety", Bridgestone also brought its high-performance, low fuel consumption wide base radial tires m748 and r168, which are widely praised in the European and American markets, to China, taking ABS plastic as an example. At the same time, under the guidance of the enterprise's "multi brand strategy", Fengchi Tong, its second largest brand, has expanded the specifications of its flagship products ut3000, fs400ii and fd600ii. At the same time, it has also launched a new special tire f800t with serious oil leakage in the system of the trailer axle hydraulic universal testing machine specially developed for the Chinese market. At present, Bridgestone's commercial vehicle tire system not only covers nearly 100 specifications in the three major fields of heavy-duty conquest, diversity and all-round, and comprehensive optimization, but also meets various service conditions from medium and short distance to long-distance driving, from general roads to highways, from buses to trucks, and container containers

the picture shows Bridgestone r288 super II tire

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