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Micron Burton mwz1670s automatic touch cutting machine

technical features:

1 Servo motor leading edge paper feeding system, air volume of leading edge paper feeding system is adjustable, with side gauge positioning mechanism, with high positioning accuracy

2. The die-cutting thickness is large, the precision is high, the pressure is balanced and stable, and has a die-cutting structure without its mouth, which can realize die-cutting without front waste edge and reduce the cost of multi-functional proportional valve group

3. The full waste cleaning system will constitute the world's first fully automatic solid-state lithium-ion battery production line. The waste template adopts a central positioning system, and the waste cleaning mode can be automatically switched. At the same time, it has an automatic paper receiving system without stopping

4. PLC program control, automatic fault detection and alarm, LCD touch screen to achieve man-machine dialogue, convenient and intuitive operation

technical parameters:

maximum paper feeding size 1670 × 1200mm

minimum paper feeding size 650 × 550mm

maximum die cutting size 1635 × 1180mm

die cutting thickness corrugated board 1 ~ 8mm

die cutting accuracy ± 0.5mm

die cutting speed 4500 sheets/h

maximum die cutting pressure 400 × 10000n

total power 38KW

machine weight 32000kg

overall dimension (excluding force value, the resolution can almost reach 1/100000 working platform) 10064 × four thousand and forty × 2440mm

control mode PLC program control

variable frequency stepless speed regulation of speed regulation system

paper feeding mode servo system leading edge paper feeding

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