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Meicheng: build the first smart factory in the national printing industry. Liaoning Meicheng will build the first smart digital business book production line in the domestic printing industry in Shenfu new city. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2014. At that time, Meicheng's annual paper processing capacity will reach, which will support our commitment to moving towards high-tech 500000 tons and annual output value of 5billion yuan through industrial strategy. Meicheng's phase II intelligent digital printing project mainly includes intelligent digital business book production line and three-dimensional logistics warehouse, with a total investment of 700million. Construction will start this year and is expected to be completed and put into operation next year. Wangshufan, deputy general manager of Liaoning Meicheng Printing Co., Ltd., introduced the layout of the modern printing industry base in Shenfu new city: after the completion of phase I and phase II, the annual paper processing capacity of Meicheng will reach 500000 tons, and the annual output value will reach 5billion yuan. At that time, Meicheng will become a domestic first-class and world-leading modern printing base, and the phase II intelligent digital printing project, It will also make it the first smart factory in the printing industry in China

Meicheng Printing Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenyang, was founded in 1997. It is a group integrating business printing, book printing, newspaper printing, packaging printing, etc. (3) high temperature creep extensometer 1 is generally composed of creep deformation guiding devices installed on both sides of the sample and two displacement sensors assembled on it. Liaoning Meicheng Printing Co., Ltd. is a production base invested and constructed by Meicheng Printing Co., Ltd. in Shenfu new city. The whole project covers an area of 266 mu, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. The plan is divided into two phases. The first phase of the project, with an investment of 800million yuan and a construction area of 180000 square meters, started construction in October 2010, was completed in October 2012, and has been put into trial production. At present, the phase I project has a daily processing capacity of 800 tons of paper and a daily printing capacity of 1million books, with the printing capacity of a large number of books and packaging products

the biggest feature of phase II project is to achieve a high degree of automation and intelligence of printing. At present, we have signed a 230million yuan project contract with Xinsong robot company to jointly build the first intelligent digital business book production line in the domestic printing industry. Wangshufan said that the project has three prominent features: first, through the application of MES (on-site manufacturing execution system), it effectively integrates informatization and automation, and fully realizes automation in plate making, printing, post binding, packaging, logistics integration and other links; The second is to realize green printing in an all-round way. Starting from the basic construction of system design, we will fully implement the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation in equipment selection, process construction and other links. The HFO series products of Meicheng Honeywell solstice brand can replace hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) materials with high global warming potential. In 2012, they have obtained the certification certificate of China environmental labeling products issued by the Ministry of environmental protection; Third, after the completion of the project, the per capita production capacity will be greatly improved and the production cost will be reduced. For example, now a Roland printer printing with traditional technology can only print less than 10000 pieces per hour. After realizing intelligent printing, the printing efficiency of a Roland printer can be increased to 108000 pieces per hour

since Meicheng entered Shenfu new city, it has received comprehensive policy and service support from the municipal Party committee, the municipal government, Shenfu new city management committee and relevant departments, so that we can achieve rapid development in a short time and become the largest printing enterprise in Northeast China. Wang Shufan said: now, Shenfu new city is promoting the construction of two industrial bases, robot and modern printing. This creates another great opportunity for the development of Meicheng. We should seize the opportunity of an enterprise producing large-scale cold-rolled steel plates, constantly accelerate the pace of construction and development, comprehensively improve the overall competitiveness, give full play to the role of leading enterprises, drive more upstream and downstream supporting enterprises to settle down, and contribute to the early realization of the construction goal of the modern printing industry base in Shenfu new city

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