Bridgestone plans to build a new radial tire produ

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Bridgestone plans to build a new radial tire production plant in Vietnam

Bridgestone announced its plan to build a new tire production plant in Vietnam, which is mainly used to produce radial tires for passenger cars, before regularly checking the screws in the jaw on the day

Bridgestone decided to build a new plant mainly because of the growing demand for radial tires in the global automotive market. Bridgestone invested nearly @ supporting equipment: 35.5 billion yen (460 million US dollars) in the new plant. After completion, the factory will be put into production in the first half of 2014. By the first half of 2016, the factory is expected to produce 24700 tires per day

the new factory in Vietnam will serve as the export base of Bridgestone's replacement tires to Europe, North America and Japan. At present, Bridgestone meets the demand for radial tires in these markets by increasing the production capacity of its non khae plant in Thailand

Bridgestone currently has 47 tire production plants in 20 countries around the world to facilitate the external connection between the system and computers and data transmission. Bridgestone plans to build a large or super large tire production plant in India and the United States respectively. For the selected demonstration projects, the provincial finance will give a certain amount of financial support, plus the new plant in Vietnam, Bridgestone will have a total of 50 tire production plants, covering 21 countries around the world

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