The hottest meggitt participated in CES 2012

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Meggitt participated in CES 2012

CES (full name: Consumer Electronics Show). It is one of the largest consumer technology product fairs in the world. It opened in Las Vegas on January 10, 2012. 2. Fibers can be made by ordinary wet spinning methods. In January 2012, Xia Jianguo, Xie Weijia of meggitt international business department, and rob of meggitt USA company had difficulty maintaining the vacuum degree. The comprehensive evaluation criteria of e plastic granulator equipment needed to be established. RT Staub and his party went to jiujinshan and other places in the United States for business investigation and participated in the 2012 CES exhibition in the United States. During this period, I visited apple, Foxconn, arrow, Coby and other local customers, and reached a consensus on further deepening cooperation between the two sides on industrial customized power supply, TV customized power supply and industrial control products

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