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The general secretary pointed out that the spiritual world of the Chinese nation can be more profound by advocating reading more, building a scholarly society, constantly improving people's ideological realm and enhancing people's spiritual strength. It is of great benefit to provide more excellent spiritual and cultural products for the people. We should firmly grasp the right direction, promote economic diversification on the basis of adhering to our main business, and strive to achieve a bumper harvest of social and economic benefits

paper is an important symbol of human civilization and the largest carrier of cultural inheritance. It has built a bridge of friendship and established a stable, good and long-term strategic cooperative relationship between Meili cloud and reader publishing and media group. As a strategic partner, meiliyun has cooperated with reader publishing and media group for more than 20 years to regularly test its raw and auxiliary materials. Over the years, mericloud has been supporting the development of reader publishing and media group with high-quality products. As the most influential media group in China and the largest cultural paper production enterprise in Northwest China, it has natural cooperation advantages. In the connection between paper and culture, the two sides found a point of convergence and found a common original intention and mission "to provide more excellent spiritual and cultural products for the people, constantly improve people's ideological realm, enhance people's spiritual strength, and jointly build a scholarly society."

as a central enterprise, through the theme education of "two learning and one doing", "don't forget the original intention, keep in mind the twists and turns, and the intensity of the mission", meiliyun adheres to the original intention and takes the mission, constantly enhances the "four senses", strengthens the "four self-confidence", achieves the "two maintenance", actively performs the society, and contributes quality products to the society. Especially after the people's Education Society launched the initiative of "making the best teaching materials with the best paper", meiliyun attached great importance to ensuring product quality, improving product grade and ensuring the quality of autumn teaching materials from the source, starting with pulp mixing, copying, quality inspection and other links; In terms of supply progress and after-sales service, special personnel were arranged to communicate the production progress, quality and supply in time, which won the full trust and high recognition of the strategic partner "reader publishing and media group"

at the same time, reader organized the printing technology team to make a field investigation on the wrong Meili cloud and negotiate strategic business cooperation. In terms of the production and supply of paper, the two sides jointly set up a quality assurance team for teaching materials, and adopted effective ways such as establishing a linkage mechanism and sending professionals to grasp the scheduling, quality inspection, strong distribution and printing, so as to launch a tough battle for the production of autumn teaching materials with all their strength, and provide a strong guarantee for the realization of the political task of "arriving at books before class and everyone has one book", and the recommendation and selection of products that are hot in the experiment is no more than 10%

since May this year, meiliyun has supplied 3615.22 tons of teaching paper to readers, accounting for 65.36% of the autumn teaching paper. High quality products and good services are the basis for good, stable and long-term cooperation between the two sides; Actively fulfill the social responsibility, and jointly build, make progress and win-win results are the basis of bilateral cooperation. In the future, the two sides will further tap business resources, create a comprehensive and deep-seated strategic partnership, give full play to the professional advantages of both sides, and promote the rapid and coordinated development of their businesses. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both sides, the strategic cooperation will bear fruitful fruits, jointly create a mutually beneficial and win-win future, and jointly create a new situation

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