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Expert interview: how to become the "leader" in the construction machinery industry

expert interview: 2 How can other temperature energy ultra-low temperature tanks become the "leader" of the construction machinery industry?

China Construction machinery information

Guide: the bewildering economic prospects have not brought trauma to China's construction machinery industry. According to the data of China Construction Machinery Association, the sales revenue of China's construction machinery industry was about 580billion yuan last year, and China's construction machinery sales volume and sales revenue ranked first in the world. China's sales of machinery and equipment are comparable

the uncertainty of economic prospects has not brought trauma to China's construction machinery industry. According to the data of China Construction Machinery Association, the sales revenue of China's construction machinery industry was about 580billion yuan last year, and China's construction machinery sales volume and sales revenue ranked first in the world

the sales of mechanical equipment in China is equivalent to one third of the global sales of mechanical equipment. According to the German machinery manufacturing association, the global sales of machinery and equipment reached 2.25 trillion euros last year, an increase of 10% over the previous year. The sales of mechanical equipment in Europe account for almost one third of the global sales of mechanical equipment. Half of the machinery and equipment in the world are produced in Asia

different from the traditional impression of "made in China", the construction machinery industry has always been a leader in scientific and technological innovation. Through market research and accurate grasp of policies and the overall environment, the construction machinery industry has constantly adjusted the direction of industrial scientific research and stepped into the center of the world stage relying on independent innovation. How about the independent innovation ability of Chinese construction machinery industry enterprises? How to ensure scientific research investment? Facing the fierce market competition, how to develop characteristic products? How to face the contradiction between high technology and high cost? With these questions, I interviewed relevant experts

special guest: Luo Zehua (vice president and Secretary General of pavement machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Association)

JIANG LAN (Senior Vice President of sales and marketing of Doosan construction machinery in China)

China's construction machinery sales volume and sales revenue rank first in the world

host: what level is China's construction machinery industry in the world

Luo Zehua: the sales revenue of China's construction machinery industry increased from 162 billion yuan in 2006 to about 580 billion yuan in 2012; After the sales volume of China's construction machinery surpassed that of Europe, Japan and other countries in 2007, the measured value in 2009 was inversely proportional to the selected unit, and the sales revenue of China's construction machinery jumped to the first place in the world in 2009. At present, the number of construction machinery sales units and sales revenue in China rank first in the world

host: how about the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises? Is the awareness of independent innovation strong

Luo Zehua: since the reform and opening up for more than 30 years, China's construction machinery industry has made great achievements in development, relying on the booming local market demand and taking scientific and technological innovation as the most obvious feature. The innovative achievements of the "China machinery industry science and Technology Award" over the years are numerous. At the same time, great achievements have been made in the localization of major technical equipment: the world's largest horizontal boom slewing self elevating tower crane developed by China, the world's longest 101.82 meter boom concrete conveying pump truck, and the world's first carbon fiber boom pump truck, 1000-2000 ton crawler crane, 12 ton large loader, 510 HP bulldozer The performance indicators of a large number of products, such as forklifts with a rated lifting capacity of 46 tons, slurry balance shield machines with a maximum diameter of 11.22 meters, 220 tons of electric wheel dump trucks, 55 cubic meters of open-pit mining excavators, and complete sets of high-speed railway equipment, are close to or have reached the world's advanced level

it can be said that China's construction machinery industry has opened up a vast world relying on independent innovation in the least noticeable corner, and has gradually entered the center of the world stage

technical power is the best asset of enterprises in the future

host: what problems have Chinese enterprises encountered in scientific and technological innovation, how much is the investment generally, and whether it can have corresponding effects, such as market sales performance? According to your experience, is it better to cooperate with domestic colleges and universities, or is it better for enterprises to carry out scientific and technological research and development themselves

Luo Zehua: since the revocation of the Ministry of machinery industry, the investment in scientific and technological innovation of Chinese construction machinery industry enterprises is completely driven by market demand and dominated by enterprise investment. Many enterprises are also cooperating with domestic colleges and universities to carry out research, but not many colleges and universities have set up engineering machinery related majors, and the combination of university research and enterprises needs to be promoted more effectively. There are too many examples of effectiveness and performance

Jiang LAN: R & D and scientific and technological achievements are the lifeblood of sustainable development of enterprises. Doosan construction machinery has a strong global integrated R & D center. I believe that putting environment, safety and health in the first place will certainly improve the belief of commercial enterprise value, actively develop efficient energy products that meet the requirements of low-carbon emission and green development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation, and strive to enhance the health of employees and their families

in the fierce global competition, only by ensuring the technical strength can we be regarded as the most clear asset that can pay for the future. In 2012, Doosan Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. integrated and reorganized the quality and R & D departments operated by various scattered business departments, and created the quality headquarters and technology headquarters directly under the CEO. In order to ensure the quality competitive advantage, we can not only expect the synergy brought about by the integration of R & D organizations, but also expect the implementation of the global quality strategy brought about by the global level systematic quality system

Doosan construction machinery has been striving to improve its product development ability through continuous investment in research and development and the inherent models of core products. Professional researchers centered on Doosan Institute of technology and research and development organizations of various departments are committed to developing high-performance high-quality products, environmental protection products, high value-added products and next-generation new products. Doosan construction machinery continues to increase its R & D investment in construction machinery every year

R & D should be prepared for a rainy day

host: how do Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions innovate in the market? Are there any successful examples and methods, and what are the implications

Luo Zehua: it is best to use oil for 222pvc plastic windows of universal material testing machine according to the pleading of the manual. The scientific and technological innovation of Chinese construction machinery industry enterprises comes entirely from market demand and enterprise development power. For example, the simplest: domestic large-scale construction requires concrete pumping equipment, Zoomlion, Sany and other enterprises have invested in research and development, and gradually put Putzmeister Schweiying even the earliest Russian red elephant pump squeezed out of the Chinese market, and also developed more technical characteristics and more advanced pumping equipment... There are many such examples in the highway construction market, hydropower and water conservancy, high-speed rail construction and other markets: at first, Chinese enterprises could not produce, and the construction equipment urgently needed depended on imports or foreign-funded enterprises. Later, gradually, we were able to produce independently, Later, Chinese products surpassed foreign products... The main enlightenment is to adhere to independent innovation, build sophisticated Chinese equipment to equip China, and then compete in the global market

host: the market constantly puts forward new requirements for science and technology and R & D, and enterprises should also adjust the direction of R & D in a timely manner. How to plan ahead in this regard

Jiang LAN: now China has put forward higher requirements for cleaner production and environmental protection. Enterprises should also constantly adjust to this trend to meet the needs of policies and markets. Doosan construction machinery has established a requirement system that can respond to local customers' product environmental standards in advance. According to different business departments, it will focus on developing environmentally friendly products that meet the international top level and improve customer satisfaction. In order to actively reduce the emission of air pollutants, Doosan construction machinery has formulated a lower implementation standard than the legal benchmark for management (less than 20% than the legal benchmark). In addition, the on-site atmospheric environmental protection equipment shall be fully guaranteed and the management shall be strengthened. Of course, there is also a contradiction between environmental protection and profit. For example, in response to the 2012 industrial emission standards issued by the United States and Europe in July 2011, Doosan construction machinery completed the development of Tier 4 interim engine for construction machinery and equipment, meeting all industrial emission standards of the United States and Europe. Adopting this new type of engine can effectively improve fuel efficiency and power by 30% - 50%, but also because technological innovation requires large-scale investment, the engine cost has to be increased to 2-3 times the original. But we think these are worth it, because this is the general trend

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