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We all know that printer customers in different industries have different printing needs, and even enterprises in the same industry also have ever-changing detailed printing requirements. So, what kind of printing methods can meet the needs of such a complex enterprise? In an interview, Mr. Cheng Deyong, the product and marketing director of Lexmark International Co., Ltd., a world-renowned manufacturer of text printing equipment, explained the new trends in the development of China's office printing field on the current printing demand and new printing technology

low cost, safety and ease of use have become the key points of printer procurement.

with the increase of economic activities of enterprises, the demand for the procurement of text printing equipment is rising. Different enterprises have different concerns when purchasing document printing equipment, but in general, the factors that can affect printer procurement mainly include low printing cost, security, functionality and ease of use

small and medium-sized enterprises have always attached great importance to the control of printing costs. However, in recent years, the system will immediately analyze the test curve, and large enterprises have gradually increased their attention to printing costs. On the whole, the market trend is absolutely becoming more and more enthusiastic. Most users' understanding of the cost still stays in the two aspects of hardware equipment price and later printing cost, but ignores the great impact of the overall printing equipment deployment and equipment management on the overall cost

large enterprises such as banks and government agencies have special requirements for the security of printing, because there is a great risk of leakage in the printing process of documents. Many enterprises adopt the method of allocating a printer to each person involved in confidential printing to solve the security problem, resulting in more and more printers in the office, which greatly increases the later use and management costs. Therefore, enterprises urgently need more effective solutions to solve the problem of printing security

in addition, the functionality and ease of use of text printing equipment are also factors that enterprises pay attention to when purchasing printers

printing needs are complex. Solutions are sharp tools

different industries have different printing needs and face different printing problems, which requires printers to build a chemical fiber efficient flexible manufacturing technology innovation platform. Service providers develop special printing solutions according to specific printing needs and printing environment

for large enterprises, the printing scale is huge, and there are often many printing equipment brands, uneven functions, inconvenient management and other problems. For such users, the best way is to outsource the overall printing service to professional printing service manufacturers. Lexmark is positioned by both IDC and Gartner as the leader of global management printing services, and customizes professional printing solutions for customers. Lexmark helps users effectively manage printing equipment and jobs through infrastructure optimization, forward-looking management, continuous optimization of business processes and other measures. For enterprises that do not want to outsource printing services, Lexmark can provide professional solutions to help users effectively manage the status and print volume of printing equipment in the enterprise local area

the common practice of enterprises is to place the text printing equipment in one place in the office area, which often leads to repeated printing or wrong receipt or even loss of printed documents. Lexmark printing management solution can effectively solve such problems when studying the strategic objectives of Rd. The scheme includes two functions: print release and file counting. Print release is based on cloud technology. After sending print commands from computers, and pads, users can swipe cards and enter passwords from any online printing device in the enterprise cloud to realize print jobs. The file counting function can make very detailed statistics and analysis of print jobs of a single device, user and department, and generate management reports according to user customization

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