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Interpretation of the "new national standard" of children's furniture (I)

interpretation of the "new national standard" of children's furniture (I)

August 1, 2012

[China paint information] the general technical conditions of children's furniture was drafted in 2008. After delaying the release time for many times, it was approved and issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee on October 31, 2011, and officially implemented on August 1, 2012. This standard is applicable to furniture products used by children aged 3 to 14. It is a national mandatory standard. Once implemented, the product quality of our children's furniture produced or sold within the territory of the people's Republic of China must be implemented and meet the requirements of this standard. In the past, children's furniture and adult furniture used the same quality standard, which led to the disconnection between the special requirements for the safety and environmental protection performance of children's furniture and the actual situation. The implementation of the new standard can be said to fill the gap of children's furniture standards

Zhang Hui, head of the furniture testing center of Shenzhen furniture research and Development Institute, told that according to experience and the new standards, many unqualified results were caused by not being familiar with the new standards and not updating the material process plan in time. In the new "general technical conditions for children's furniture" standard, there are not only clear provisions on the identification and limit of harmful substances, but also strict restrictions on the safety indicators such as edges and corners, edge guide angles, protrusions in decorations, and the permeability of closed furniture, which will directly affect the research and development of the whole furniture, the selection of materials, processes, manufacturing and other links; At the same time, as it is a national mandatory standard, once implemented, the product quality of all domestically produced or sold children's furniture must be implemented and meet the requirements of the standard. It is suggested that relevant personnel of the enterprise, including R & D personnel, technicians, quality control personnel, should pay full attention to it. According to Zhang Hui, the "new national standard" includes the following important indicators:

interpretation of the new national standard

1 Standardize the use of warning signs

the standard requires that the applicable age of the product be specified in the instructions, such as "3-6 years old" and "over 3 years old"

on the warning signs of children's furniture, children's furniture standards require that specific items be warned to avoid unnecessary harm to children. For example, for furniture with folding or adjusting devices, the warning words "warning! Beware of pinch injury" should be marked at the appropriate position of the product; If it is a swivel chair with a lifting pneumatic lever, the warning sign "danger! The latter phenomenon is that the equipment is used in a bad environment and do not lift and play frequently" should be marked on the appropriate position of the product. It also clearly stipulates that the font of safety warnings such as danger, warning and attention in the warning shall not be less than 4 bold words, and the warning content shall not be less than 5 bold words

the standardized use of warning signs can effectively avoid the misuse of furniture and harm children

2. Environmental protection requirements are stricter

children are in the stage of growth and development, and harmful substances are more harmful to them than adults. In terms of the limit of harmful substances, the standard for children's furniture highlights the environmental protection of children's furniture, and stipulates more stringent limit indicators than adult furniture for toxic and harmful substances such as heavy metals, formaldehyde emissions and decomposable aromatic amines in raw and auxiliary materials such as artificial boards, coatings, textiles, leather fabrics and plastics of children's furniture

requirements for transportable elements: the general technical conditions for children's furniture set a limit on the eight heavy metals antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium in the surface coating of furniture, which is increased by four compared with the standard for adult furniture. Bright colors are the characteristics of children's furniture. However, if bright colored paint contains heavy metal elements harmful to human body, there will be potential safety hazards. Once heavy metal poisoning occurs, children will suffer from anorexia, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headache, dyspnea and other symptoms, and affect children's nervous system, digestive system, etc., thus affecting children's development

free formaldehyde in leather and textile fabrics must be 30mg/kg (higher than the standard requirement of 75mg/kg for adult furniture), and the use of biodegradable aromatic amines is prohibited (there is no requirement for adult furniture standards). In addition, phthalates in plastics are limited to 0 Within 1%. Phthalates are plastic plasticizers that are forbidden to be used in

, which can cause damage to the human reproductive system

3. The structural safety requirements are more detailed

it is required that the cabinet type closed furniture must have ventilation function. When children's furniture products have airtight confined space (such as the space formed by doors or covers and other parts), and the closed continuous space is greater than 0 03m3, with internal dimensions greater than or equal to 150mm, two unobstructed ventilation openings with a single opening area of 650mm2 and a distance of at least 150mm should be set, or one ventilation opening with an area equivalent to two 650 mm2 should be set, and the door cannot be equipped with automatic locking device, and the opening force should be small

children's furniture products must not have dangerous sharp edges and tips. The accessible external corners, edges and edges below 1600mm above the ground need to be rounded or chamfered, and the rounding radius is not less than 10mm, or the length of the rounding arc is not less than 15m M. If there are dangerous protrusions, add protective caps or covers to protect them. Covers, doors and similar devices shall not be equipped with automatic locking devices. When tested according to 7.5.6 (closing part test), the opening force shall not be greater than 45N

4. Mechanical property requirements

the test method of mechanical property refers to the relevant furniture test method standards, and is divided into two test levels according to the applicable age of the product, that is, "3-6 years old" is the test level 1, "3 years old and above" or "7 years old and above" is the test level 2. Different age groups refer to different levels of mechanical property test, and test level 2 requires higher mechanical properties

be fully prepared for the new standard

after all, there is a large amount of inventory of children's furniture. The state will also consider the reasonable operation status of manufacturers, enterprises and dealers when issuing the standard. It does not mean that after August 1, all old goods on the market must be forced off the line. Even national legislation needs a trial period

after more than two years of preparation and revision, the mandatory national standard for the production and manufacturing of domestic children's furniture general technical conditions for children's furniture is scheduled to be officially implemented from August 1, 2012. As one of the drafting units of the national standard, Qicai life is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of professional children's furniture, and has an indisputable say in the upcoming new standard. The enterprise is facing the arrival of the "post national standard" era, What should be done

during the buffer period, be prepared to respond to consumer queries and complaints

the general technical conditions for children's furniture, which will be implemented on August 1, has attracted extensive attention, especially in some first and second tier cities, because consumers have a wide range of information channels, they have a good understanding of the promulgation of the new target, and at the same time, the enterprise itself also has access through the channels of terminal stores, It is also delivering relevant content about the new target to consumers. The state will also reserve a reasonable buffer time for enterprises. During this stage, new and old products will coexist in the market, Weijinkui, deputy general manager of Qicai life marketing center, said: "after all, there is a large amount of inventory of children's furniture. The state will also consider the reasonable operation status of manufacturers, enterprises and dealers when issuing standards. It does not mean that after August 1, all old products in the market must be forced off the line. Even national legislation needs a trial period."

at the same time, Wei Jinkui also suggested that children's furniture manufacturing enterprises currently in the domestic market should also do a good job in related services at the stage of selling old and new products at the same time, and at the stage of transferring profits from old products, or clearing warehouses. They may face more complex consumer disputes, such as consumer return and exchange requirements, and rights protection complaints. On the one hand, enterprises should prepare perfect treatment plans. On the other hand, they should also make preparations for after-sales services that try to solve problems for consumers

actively guide consumers to know the new standard and understand the new standard

colorful life has done a lot of preparatory work for the promulgation of the new national standard, including some key indicators of the new standard in the form of printed publications. At that time, a large number of key indicators of the new standard will be distributed to consumers free of charge, so as to disseminate some key indicators of the new national standard to consumers, so that consumers can better understand what should be paid attention to when purchasing children's furniture, And the rights and interests that consumers can enjoy after purchasing furniture according to the standard

although after the announcement of the new standard, some manufacturers may face the problem of product re sorting, some old product structures may face rectification and adjustment, and even some manufacturers with small scale and strength will face the transformation of the overall production system, and even involve the re selection of raw material suppliers, the redesign of production lines and other issues. "The so-called short-term pain is better than long-term pain. Enterprises should not avoid these problems of upgrading and upgrading. They should take advantage of this opportunity to actively adjust their products and production processes, and actively guide consumers to improve their brand reputation and trust in the eyes of end consumers through market supervision." Wei Jinkui added

strengthen its own manufacturing level and try to meet the recommended standard conditions in the new standard

it is reported that the general technical conditions for children's furniture contains two parts. In addition to mandatory indicators in terms of environmental protection, structure, warning signs, mechanical properties, etc., the new standard also puts forward some recommended standard indexes. Wei Jinkui suggested that enterprises should strengthen self-discipline and try their best to make their products meet the national recommended standard conditions as soon as possible on the premise of meeting mandatory indicators. It can be said that the introduction of standards is also a market opportunity. Whoever reaches the highest standard first will take the lead. This is all the preparatory work that enterprises should do before August 1

take the initiative to transform and adapt to the market after the new standard

color is still a very important design element of children's furniture. Although too many colors need to be realized through paint, at present, with the continuous upgrading of water-based paint and other coatings with high environmental protection indicators, some enterprises with strength and scale are able to upgrade the environmental protection index of products on the premise of meeting the needs of product design

duolik is a professional children's furniture brand under Evergrande furniture, which has five series of children's furniture product lines, such as pinecone, I love my family, Zhibai hut, etc., and has a strong brand influence in the current domestic children's furniture market. The products include both traditional panel children's furniture and high-end pine solid wood children's furniture. It can be said that it is one of the manufacturers with a relatively complete product line in the current children's furniture manufacturing brands. The introduction of the new national standard has also had a certain impact on duolik, which mainly comes from the direction of product design and the upgrading of raw materials

Peng Peng, brand director, said, "although some experts advocate that children's furniture does not need to choose too gorgeous and complicated colors in the design process, from the perspective of dealers and consumers, children's furniture is different from adult furniture, and the choice is always in the hands of parents." Different from adult furniture, if the user of children's furniture is children and teenagers, and the buyer is their parents, then the deal is with

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