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Interview with the Northeast printing industry research group (III)

suggestions on March 17, 2015: reform and innovation should be paid attention to at the same time

correct operation steps of peel strength testing machine: stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. Looking at the development of China's printing industry, what specific suggestions do you have for accelerating the development of Northeast China's printing industry

Lu Bing: establishing modern enterprise mechanism, adjusting strategy and actively adapting to the development of market economy are the inevitable trend of enterprise development. I believe that the printing industry in Northeast China should respond to the decision made by the 16th CPC National Congress on deepening the management of state-owned assets, fully promote the reorganization of enterprise assets and speed up the establishment of modern enterprise mechanism, just like other industries

liuwanrui: in addition, how to quickly and comprehensively change ideas is also an urgent problem to be considered and solved to revitalize the printing industry in Northeast China. Market economy is different from the previous planned economy. The production indicators of enterprises can no longer rely on the distribution of superiors, "wait", "rely" and "want". Enterprises should move forward and rely on themselves to find the market. This step cannot be taken without changing the concept

Lu Bing: in recent years, the park economy has become the mainstream of urban development. Now, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin and other places have taken the printing industry as the key development of urban industries, which has promoted the development of local printing industry to a certain extent. Northeast China should also learn from this experience

tanjunqiao: we should also learn from the development experience of Guangdong and Wenzhou to develop the packaging, decoration and printing industry as soon as possible. The three northeastern provinces have unique advantages in China's dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, wine making industry and other industries, and these industries need the close cooperation of the packaging, decoration and printing industry, which is based on market demand in this regard. The comprehensive implementation of the national strategy of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China will also make the market development space of the packaging, decoration and printing industry in Northeast China more feasible. Kaifeng Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new material production enterprise based on polyoxymethylene

liuwanrui: in addition, it is also important to absorb external funds in the development and revitalization of the printing industry in Northeast China, including foreign capital, capital from other domestic regions and private capital, which can solve the decline of production capacity and competitiveness caused by insufficient funds to a certain extent. The cooperation between Liaoning printing (Group) Co., Ltd., Shenyang Xinhua factory and other enterprises and foreign capital objectively illustrates this point

Lu Bing: in the process of national economic development, the private economy is gradually showing its edge, and the printing industry is no exception. Guangdong Heshan yatushi, Shanghai Jielong group and Jiangxi Zhongjing group, which completed the private restructuring in 2000, all occupy an important position in China's printing industry. It can be said that the printing industry in Northeast China must give full play to the role of private economy in order to achieve greater development, which should be an important measure to revitalize the printing industry in the old industrial base in Northeast China

tanjunqiao: another point is that the role of industry associations should be really brought into play. According to the principle of "separating government from enterprises" of the central government, local publishing bureaus exercise government functions, while local industry associations should further provide three services, namely, serving the government, industry and enterprises, and truly play a role of bridge and link

Lu Bing: the suggestions we mentioned just now are the internal construction of the three northeastern provinces. Of course, the solution of problems and healthy development also need the strong assistance of external forces

: how can external forces play a better role in the development of the printing industry in the three northeastern provinces and the whole country

Tan Junqiao: our industry association should give full play to its role, actively serve the government, enterprises and the industry, implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, organize or attract successful people in the industry as much as possible, and offer suggestions for the development of northeast printing industry

Lu Bing: it also includes the "going north" of external funds, expanding the source of funds and injecting new vitality into the printing industry in Northeast China. In addition, if possible, it is suggested to hold a seminar on the development of printing in Northeast China to promote the development of printing industry in Northeast China through ideological exchange and multi-party discussion

liuwanrui: at the same time, more colleagues in the industry need to pay attention to the northeast economy and support the development of northeast printing industry

: 10000 years is too long, seize the day! Let us work together to contribute to the development and revitalization of the printing industry in Northeast China and the coordinated and rapid development of the national printing industry

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