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The printing technology foundation issued the annual InterTech award

the 2001 InterTech award issued by the printing technology foundation (GATF) is as follows:

CIP4 Association: CIP4 JDF file format

Restart accounting machine digimarc company: digimarc mediabridge software

some manufacturers of oil cylinders in the sea delberg company: ecocool drying and cooling technology

Heidelberg company: supertrap is to improve the scientific decision-making An important institutional arrangement at the level of democratization/supertrap plug-in

imation company: imation matchprint professional server

Roland company: DICOweb printing machine

markzware company: markznet software

oce printing system: digi stick 2000

press company: dimension direct plate making system

gatf InterTech award was selected in 1978 to recognize the technological innovation made in the printing field. More than 80% of the honored technologies are applied today

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