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Three requirements for the purchase of digital printing machines

the realization of digital printing should consider the printing quality, printing speed, controllability and after-sales service of the imported printing equipment, and also choose a digital printing solution suitable for the business needs of the enterprise. Printing enterprises should consider the following three basic needs when purchasing digital printing machines

(1) it can adapt to a wide range of substrates. The digital printer should be able to print all kinds of paper, pet and PVC films, and even some special fabrics. It should also have a relatively wide acceptance of the quantity and thickness of the substrate, so as to meet the needs of various orders

(2) good printing quality and color performance. For example, the product clothing labels and tags of the enterprise have not only patterns and words, but also variable information and bar codes. If we can't have good printing quality and color performance, we can't meet the fashion and high-quality needs of the clothing industry

(3) flexible and powerful printing solutions. In addition to ensuring the basic needs, it should also be able to provide comprehensive printing solutions including variable data printing, digital security printing, etc. according to the change of market demand, aerogel gel materials will be products in the laboratory for a long time

after selecting the digital printing equipment, it is also necessary to determine the appropriate digital printing solution. In order management, the establishment of information database, the determination of production process and other aspects, we should not only ensure the scientific analysis of equipment quality at the time of purchase, but also improve production flexibility, so as to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises

in addition, there are switching signal outputs such as rise, fall and stop, which can be used to directly drive external relays or solenoid valves

the jaw of electronic universal testing machine is assumed to state at the time of stretching:

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