Four trends of European packaging design in the 21

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Four major trends of European packaging design in the 21st century

retro trend

European product design has been influenced by the flexible scientific and technological design language in the late 1980s and 1990s, and has tended to design more flexible and personal products. The increasing demand for personal products in the consumer market is also the main reason for this trend. Moreover, due to the industrial revolution in Europe, new methods of mass production, new technologies and new materials satellite Petrochemical () announced on the evening of July 31 that the company's annual output of 450000 tons of propane dehydrogenation to propylene project began to enter the stage of commissioning, and the application of quality made the field of product design broader. For example, the design of an electric fan no longer needs to consider keeping a certain distance from the heat source or affecting the shape design in order to control the air flow. These product features, which were regarded as obstacles at the beginning of the design, mark the intrinsic value of the product for industrial designers, and redefining these designs will help to arouse consumers' affirmation and sense of security of the product. From the perspective of industrial design, it is very important to use composite materials skillfully. Therefore, when consumers first touch the product, they will feel the overall weight and balance of the product. In addition, influenced by the retro design language, there are also products with strong personal colors on the market. The single color style leads the retro trend to the peak

New naturalism - the trend of product design

Interior Design and industrial design also adopt a large number of retro styles, with simple shapes, natural primary colors and natural materials as the characteristics of this trend. In terms of furniture and home interior design trends, the new theme of "rural housing" reflects consumers' interest in natural trends. In addition to color, everything retains the nostalgic elements of natural materials, and the simple and elegant design moves the hearts of consumers. Consumer behavior has a considerable impact on product design, manufacturing and packaging

recovery of plastic - fickle plastic

in recent years, plastic materials have been favored by designers again. The most important factor is to take special treatment in the design, and then use the latest popular colors to create a unique aesthetic feeling. Plastic shows the style of color. The biggest feature of plastic materials is the diversity of colors. These plastic materials, which are like new materials and bright colors, are very different from the primary colors generally believed, and can bring more colors to the family. Natural primary colors and organic shapes are also popular in fashion product design

after special treatment, the added value of low-cost plastic products has greatly increased, which is also the reason why consumers gradually accept plastic products. In the future, consumers' awareness of environmental protection has been enhanced. For products, the meaning of environmental protection is "less is better: less materials, less colors and packaging. Personalized goods with simple shapes that can be recognized at a glance, and the use of bright, light or dark plastic, are all design styles that conform to the concept of environmental protection."

color trends - new emotions

color trends are still diverse, but color matching also varies according to personal tastes. For this season, there are two clear color directions: bright color and dark color. The new color and surface texture of the newly developed plastic components have been widely loved. They do not know how to get rid of the low-cost image, but also give new life to plastic products. At the same time, they can also meet the market needs and specifications. Monochrome: this concise color language is characterized by boldness, liveliness, vividness, full confidence, and deep scientific and natural beauty. Gray light color; In addition to monochrome, there is the trend of gray and light colors. These decadent colors are the basic colors and will never fade into fashion. However, consumers are tired of the current popular colors, and currently monochrome is still the mainstream. Pattern: the latest products are different in the use of patterns. It is fashionable to print colors and patterns on products. In industrial design, three-dimensional patterns are often used to decorate monotonous surfaces

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