Foxconn announced that it would invest $3.4 billio

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Foxconn announced that it would invest 340million US dollars in the field of artificial intelligence

Foxconn Group, the world's largest electronic OEM, is transforming from a simple assembly based on labor to a high-tech R & D manufacturer. AI coveted by the technology industry has also become the target of Foxconn's investment. According to the latest news from foreign media, Foxconn Group announced a few days ago that it will invest about 340million US dollars in the field of artificial intelligence in the trial of aluminum aging furnace

according to Reuters, on February 2, Fang Ming Lu, executive vice president of Foxconn Group, said at the press conference: "our investment in R & D and technology will never be weak. We hope to invest NT $10billion (equivalent to US $340million) in artificial intelligence applications and industrial interconnection in the next few years."

the executive said that Foxconn Group has established an artificial intelligence R & D team, but the staff is not enough, and more talents need to be recruited

Foxconn leader Terry Gou also announced recently that he will set up an artificial intelligence application and industrial interconnection Research Institute, and set up industrial robot research institutions in Shenzhen, Taipei and the United States

Foxconn Group has deployed 60000 robots in its manufacturing base in China, and plans to increase it to 200000 in the future

on January 31, Foxconn Group held a special average shareholders' meeting and approved the listing of its subsidiary "Foxconn industrial interconnection Co., Ltd." on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company's business includes industrial interconnection, robotics and other businesses. This is also the first time that Foxconn Group has listed its assets on the Chinese Mainland stock market

in the past year, artificial intelligence has become a new wave in the technology industry, and almost all well-known technology companies have entered the research and development of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other fields

in the specific application of artificial intelligence, there are two areas closer to consumers. One is the intelligent speaker based on the artificial intelligence voice assistant. The voice assistant has a higher IQ and can understand human natural language and voice, making people enter the era of voice interconnection. Among them, Gu has designed a layered cellular microstructure song assistant and Amazon Alexa. At present, more third-party hardware is entering, allowing consumers to use the same familiar voice assistant to control cars, home appliances, and even internal software and professional machines

another important area of AI is autonomous driving. Relying on computer vision recognition, artificial intelligence is improving the safety and intelligence of vehicle driving. Tesla electric vehicles have been implanted with mature self driving technology, and Google brothers waymo is also preparing to launch a formal unmanned taxi service this year

it is reported that in order to further recruit talents, Foxconn Group will also establish AI related laboratories in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenzhen in the mainland

with the shrinkage and stagnation of Apple's three major electronic hardware, Gou led Foxconn Group to embark on a transformation path, paying more attention to parts business, technology research and development and brand business. The artificial intelligence and industrial robots mentioned above belong to technology research and development businesses

Foxconn Group is also entering the LCD panel business on a large scale, and using sharp brand to expand the sales of smart TVs, smart and so on. According to Nikkei, sharp is currently negotiating to acquire Toshiba's notebook computer business, which means that Foxconn will have its own brand PC department

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