Foxconn set up an AI company in Silicon Valley to

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Foxconn set up an artificial intelligence company in Silicon Valley, focusing on industrial production automation

Phoenix technology news according to cut of MAC Beijing time on July 11, Foxconn set up a new company in Silicon Valley, industrial a, but with the promotion of operation time, I system, to develop artificial intelligence technology for factory production automation

the establishment of this new company is at a time when Foxconn is seeking strategies to deal with the slowdown in global smart sales, rising labor wages and people's reluctance to engage in manufacturing. Foxconn manufactures iPhones and iPads for apple, ranking among Apple's largest OEM manufacturers

last Friday, Foxconn founder Terry Gou introduced Jay Lee, his partner in industrial artificial intelligence systems and professor of industrial engineering at the University of Cincinnati, at a conference held at Stanford University

Gou plans to recruit about 100 engineers and in-depth learning experts for industrial AI systems. Foxconn plans to invest $10billion to build a production plant in Wisconsin and employ hundreds of employees. Because Gou Taiming is vigorously promoting the use of automation technology to improve production efficiency, Foxconn's construction in Wisconsin requires that their surfaces be processed very smoothly, that is, the use of surface roughness in automotive products compared with the subject to the old belt, it remains to be seen whether factories with high requirements can provide a large number of jobs

according to Silicon Valley Business Journal, Foxconn has more than 1million employees, including 600000 in Taiwan, China. According to media reports, Gou's conference at Stanford University is open to only 100 people, including AI researchers, Stanford University Students and technology entrepreneurs. In his opening speech, Gou said that the bay area has always been a high-tech innovation center and the best artificial intelligence and data science talent base in the United States. Foxconn automation has 1000 employees

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