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"A cover is hard to find"? Foxconn is going to produce masks, and Sinopec, Shanghai Electric, etc. have also made moves. After the outbreak of the new pneumonia, the A-share market has also staged a difficult situation in which it is difficult to obtain a mask of chips. In response to the tight production capacity of masks, industry giants Sinopec, Foxconn and Shanghai Electric have announced their involvement in increasing the production of masks, which has attracted heated discussion

Foxconn joined the production of masks

on the evening of February 6, Foxconn's official official official account issued a document saying that in order to make up for the gap of masks, a key medical prevention and control material, while using the advantages of global layout to purchase and reserve epidemic prevention materials, the group's industrial Fulian recently introduced a mask production line for the first time in the group's Longhua Park, and successfully realized trial production on February 5. At present, it is applying for product qualification certification. The relevant production capacity is expected to reach 2million per day by the end of February, which will not only meet the epidemic prevention needs of the group's employees to the greatest extent, but also actively support the export of external support as appropriate, providing strong support for the current epidemic prevention and control work

Foxconn said that with its capabilities and advantages in production management, market coordination, technology output, etc., it would open up the whole industrial chain of raw material procurement, equipment manufacturing, product production, etc., and increase the production and supply of medical masks from the source

in the morning of February 7, the industrial rich union announced that the masks produced by the company were given priority to the internal production and epidemic prevention support of nearly one million employees of Foxconn Technology Group according to the current situation; In the future, we will actively provide external support and output according to the situation, so as to provide strong support for the current epidemic prevention and control work; It is expected to have little impact on the company's operating performance. In the morning of the day, industrial Fulian opened up more than 5% and closed up 1.23%

Sinopec will build a mask production line

according to the data recently released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the maximum daily output of masks in China is more than 20 million. Melt blown cloth is the filter layer in the middle of the mask, which has good filtration, shielding, thermal insulation and oil absorption. It is an important raw material for the production of masks. The raw material of melt blown cloth and other non-woven fabrics is polypropylene, which is mainly provided by PetroChina and Sinopec

in the afternoon of February 6, Sinopec announced on its official Weibo that Sinopec e-mail (Sinopec's e-commerce station) was looking for a mask machine: 1 We need a mask machine. If you have spare and usable equipment, you can transfer it to us, and we will coordinate the production and increase production of masks. 2. We have melt blown cloth. If you lack this raw material, we can transport it to your door. We can buy all the masks to support the first-line epidemic prevention in Hubei and the local epidemic prevention and anti epidemic where the enterprise is located

Sinopec also said that entrusted by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Sinopec would build a mask production line to give full play to its advantages in producing raw materials. The material and equipment department of Sinopec is looking for masks and production lines that are in stock, produced by Tianneng, or can be manufactured within a week

in the late night of February 6, Sinopec yipaike replied in a message on its official account: Thank you for your great support. Now we have found a suitable manufacturer. In the face of the epidemic, let's work together to overcome the difficulties

Shanghai Electric strives to deliver 10 automatic production lines for masks on February 20 with the gradual deepening of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation"

on the afternoon of February 6, Shanghai Electric Group and Shanghai Sanqiang Group signed a cooperation agreement on the manufacturing of automatic production lines for high-speed plane masks, Strive to deliver 10 masks before February 20. Generally speaking, the quality of the electronic tensile testing machine is mainly judged by the following five aspects: line

after Shanghai Electric became the owner, Yinghe technology quickly established a research and development team by virtue of its professional automation equipment manufacturing ability and the advantages of personalized customization of new process development. Within a week, it completed the research and development of the fully automatic all-in-one machine for flat medical masks, fully organized the production of equipment, and mobilized more than 700 installation and commissioning personnel of enterprises to rush into the work of equipment assembly and commissioning

four of the 10 production lines are scheduled to be delivered in advance on February 15 and another six on February 20. Each production line has the production capacity of 110 pairs of very stable experimental results per minute, which can realize 24-hour automatic uninterrupted production. In addition to the equipment movement rate, it can produce 10000 pairs of ear belt surgical masks that meet the national standard every day

previously, Yinghe technology has received an order for the supply of 100 sets of fully automatic production line equipment for flat masks, and will give priority to donating 20 sets of equipment to rush to the epidemic area

Wuling Automobile's 14 mask production lines are expected to produce up to 1.7 million masks per day.

in addition to Sinopec and Foxconn, automobile suppliers have also begun to switch production of masks. On February 6, the official official account of Baojun automobile under SAIC GM Wuling said that under the condition that medical supplies are still in short supply in most regions and medical institutions across the country, the joint supplier of SAIC GM Wuling has changed the production of masks by rebuilding the production line

it is reported that the dust-free workshop of the above project is reconstructed by Guangxi construction engineering group and will be completed and put into use within this month. A total of 14 mask production lines are set up, including 4 N95 mask production lines and 10 general medical protective mask production lines. The daily production is expected to reach more than 1.7 million, which will quickly alleviate the shortage of medical materials in Guangxi

in addition, the listed company Huafang Co., Ltd. said on the investor relations interactive platform on February 7 that according to the deployment requirements of Binzhou Municipal Government on doing a good job in the current epidemic prevention and control work, the company temporarily switched part of its production capacity to produce civilian masks, and is now in close production, with a daily output of 20000

China Consumer Association and China Textile Business Association responded to the shortage of masks on February 6, saying that with the resumption of work in various places after the festival, the production capacity of masks across the country will increase rapidly. Some enterprises have started full capacity production for 7 days and 24 hours. One production line is increased to 3 times the original capacity. Some regions have distributed free and quantitative masks to consumers through neighborhood committees, pharmacies and other artificial intervertebral discs M6, which are also composed of titanium alloy endplates and PCU cores, and are easing the panic of masks

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