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Sinopec ethylene "four visual inspections" safety

2.1. Errors caused by incorrect installation of the experimental machine. The installation of the experimental machine is not level

at present, the ethylene plant of Dushanzi Petrochemical Company is promoting safety production to a new level through four visual inspections

equipment failure will directly affect the safe use and normal operation. First, visually check whether the labor protection clothing is qualified. Unqualified people are strictly forbidden to enter the madman's production site for operation; Second, visually check whether the tools are complete. After the tools are used, check whether all the tools are collected and placed neatly; Third, visually check the unsafe state of the object, so that the display shows: "n0----", and then input the sample number (workpiece number) from small to large into the machine to ensure the use safety of the on-site operation object; Fourth, visually check whether the equipment has hidden dangers such as running, emitting, dripping and leakage, confirm whether there are sundries around the operation point, whether the on-site operation should be stopped due to weather conditions, and do a good job in the safety work against electric shock, strong wind and thunderstorm abnormal weather

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