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Four methods of enterprise success

bold idea

bold idea is to formulate a plan. It is to meet the requirements of the user Bayer materials technology, which announced that the company has acquired DuPont's aniline plant in Bay City, Texas, the United States. With the social and economic benefits as the goal, through market research, formulate technical and economic indicators, develop and design goals, and determine specific measures and methods to achieve these goals and output standard reports. That is to clarify the goal, analyze and think about the facts and put forward specific action plans. So how is the specific action plan formulated? There are usually the following methods:

first, Delphi method. This is an opinion test method, also known as expert survey method, designed by Rand Corporation in the 1940s. Used for collective judgment and prediction. First, organize a presiding body, select and decide the list of experts to be consulted, decide the opinions and questions to be consulted, send these questions in writing to all experts, let them make judgments on the problems, and return their opinions in writing within the specified time. After their opinions are gathered in the host institution, they will summarize them, eliminate the false and retain the true. These summarized opinions will be sent to experts anonymously, and they will be asked to further put forward their views. They can reconsider their views and modify their views, but they should explain the reasons. This is repeated many times to focus on the final opinion. Everyone can think and judge independently and freely. Second, brainstorming. In the traditional meeting discussion, some people only pick others' mistakes, and they have no good ideas. The result is more destructive than constructive. Brainstorming refers to the nonsense of mental patients. Brainstorming is to encourage everyone to use their brains, speak freely, inspire and promote each other. Ask everyone to express their opinions freely, not long, only to put forward new suggestions, no repetition, no opposition to their opinions, can extend and expand others' opinions, cycle, until everyone has no new opinions, it will increase fatigue and cause damage to objects, which can produce a lot of creative opinions. Third, the method of changing places. Managers and relevant professionals are invited to leave their jobs and go to a "Xanadu", relax their psychological situation, eliminate work interference, get rid of the original framework, break the relationship between superiors and subordinates, and concentrate on thinking about what to do next. There are many good ideas that you can't think of in the office. Changing the environment can stimulate people's thinking ability, harmonious relationship and active atmosphere

transform bold ideas into an effective and driven action plan. An effective and driven plan should state the specific actions to achieve the goal, rather than the goal results, Plan is to transform the result goals into action goals with timeliness. If the result goals can be transformed into a series of action goals through plan, all goals will become clear and achievable goals. Setting action goals is more effective than result goals. After setting result goals, we must record the problem points, possible obstacles and causes, countermeasures and action plans of the continuous goals, and compile the work plan progress and action goals that can be carried out immediately according to the time, that is, to clarify our plan with the schedule. If you can't make a step plan and action goal in advance, you will have no ideal goal and can't achieve the goal. Therefore, the goal must be converted into an immediate and feasible action plan, which can be used as an indicator of action, a time schedule, and a basis for inspection, evaluation, and improvement. Therefore, if you don't pay attention to the plan, you are planning to fail

developing the good habit of paying attention to plans and being able to make plans is an important magic weapon for an enterprise to remain invincible. Haier has become a leader in the household appliance industry because of its "rising and falling every day"

keep trying

if you have a dream, you have to pursue it, and you have to pursue it. In the process of our attempt, we should implement the plan and design content carefully and solidly to achieve the design goal. This is a very important link. If any effective plan is not seriously implemented, it will be "a dead letter" and cannot achieve the expected effect. So how to improve the executive power in enterprise management

the implementation of a policy and goal is from top to bottom, which is the organic combination of all links. If the group level lacks the ability to implement, the enterprise's business policy and goal will never be implemented to the end. When you decide on an idea in your work, you must also think about how to implement it; When you decide on a job, you must pay attention to the method of operation and execution. Execution is a specific process to achieve the set goals, and execution is the means and ability to complete the implementation. Implementation is a hard, difficult and trivial thing. It needs to ensure that the company's machine can move forward one meter after another, one thousand meters after one kilometer, and milestone after milestone. For the vast majority of enterprises, this is a complex process as cars gradually enter people's daily life. Few cases can succinctly express the elements of execution and executive power. Mentality is the primary factor affecting behavior and the power source for people's psychological activities to be externalized into practical activities. There is a well-known saying in management: "attitude determines everything." In fact, there are often only small differences between people, but this small difference often leads to huge differences. This small difference is the positive or negative attitude, and the huge difference is success or failure. In reality, the failure of mediocrity is in the majority, mainly due to the negative concession of mentality and ideas. However, director Zhu's success obviously stems from his enthusiasm, "there is no great thing in the world that is not successful because of enthusiasm"

indeed, there is no miracle without passion. Passion will fully stimulate people's deep potential, thus giving birth to great executive power. Once passion is sublimated into faith, behavior has religious significance, and people's short-term passion will be transformed into a lasting source of behavioral power and strong executive power. A person's role cognition in the implementation process is very important. Only when the executor plays the correct implementation role can the implementation be successful; Otherwise, even if the position of the executor is clear, and even if the person on duty completes his or her duties in the assessment, it will still lead to weak implementation, or even failure

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