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Four ways to speed up the development of canning industry

in 2005, China's canning industry has entered the seventh year of rapid growth. As a bulk export product, canned food in China has a long export history and good reputation in the international market. At present, more than 140 countries and regions export canned goods every year, covering five continents. The export markets are mainly Japan, the United States, the 15 EU countries, Russia, ASEAN countries and the Middle East. In 2005, the total output of canned food in China reached more than 3.6 million tons, with an export volume of 2.05 million tons and an export volume of nearly 1.6 billion US dollars, achieving the goal of "annual growth and overall maximum dynamic load of 2.5kn steps" during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

canned food is the main export product of China's food industry. The resource processing advantages of export varieties determine the regional characteristics of the industry. For example, Xinjiang mainly produces canned tomatoes, Zhejiang mainly produces canned oranges and bamboo shoots, and Fujian's strong products are canned mushrooms and asparagus. Driven by the export of fist products, the country has formed three major canned food production areas in Fujian, Xinjiang and Zhejiang. From the analysis of industrial advantages, production basis and the development trend of the international canning industry, there are many favorable factors to further expand product exports and accelerate development. But we must also solve some problems in development as soon as possible

1. Change the mode of growth -- solve the problem of "relying solely on large quantities and low prices for export operations"

the added value of China's Canned export industry is not high, and currently it is basically OEM based. In the market, China's Canned export products are controlled by importers and affected by disorderly competition among domestic industries. Canned export products generally have the problems of low selling price and limited profit space, and the ability of the industry to resist market risks is extremely low. In the past two years, the canning industry has continuously suffered from adverse factors such as the rise in the price of tinplate and other packaging materials, fuel, transportation costs, labor costs and raw materials. In 2005, facing the adjustment of the RMB exchange rate, the benefits of exporting cans have fallen to the lowest point. Therefore, we must strengthen market analysis and industry coordination, avoid blindly increasing output and disorderly competition, and improve the quality of enterprise operation

2. Strengthen raw material management -- solve the processing problem of "lagging behind in raw material planting and management"

the quantity and quality of raw material supply are the key factors in can processing. At present, agricultural raw materials are generally planted by small farmers and harvested by day, which obviously lags far behind modern can production. Therefore, it is the only way to improve the quality of raw materials and scientific management to gradually improve the variety, scientific planting and supply of canned processing raw materials. We are advised not to buy them in 2017. We should encourage and support qualified enterprises to develop raw material bases, strengthen variety research, improve planting level and strengthen raw material safety management while ensuring the quantity

3. Adhere to the brand strategy - solve the problem of "OEM processing is the main brand behind". At present, the export of China's canned food industry is mainly OEM processing. The popularity of canned food brands in domestic and foreign markets is not high, and the lack of independent brands has become a common problem in the industry. Therefore, actively guide and help enterprises to create their own brands, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises through the implementation of brand strategy is the urgent task of the development of this industry, based on its chemical composition of inorganic fillers and organic fillers

4. Implement the strategy of strengthening the country -- solve the problem of "common development of domestic and foreign markets"

China's canned food industry has long been positioned on the concept of export-oriented, forming the current situation of slow development of domestic and foreign markets and lack of scientific understanding of canned food by domestic consumers. In order to meet the market demand for convenient, safe and healthy food and form a new growth point of the canned food industry, we should vigorously develop the domestic market, cultivate the canned food consumption market and improve the market share of canned food through the development of new varieties, technological innovation, brand publicity and network construction. (Zongshi)

source: China's packaging industry

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