Four transformer fires were received on the hottes

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Four transformer fires were received in a day, and the number of transformer fires increased sharply

City News (Glenn) its surface is generally not or rarely decorated with fabric or leather. How can it stand such a weather power outage! These two days, the high temperature of nearly 40 ℃ is baking Xi'an. At about 12 o'clock today, the transformer on the pole at the door of a drugstore in Doumen, Fengdong new town, in the western suburbs suddenly exploded, and then smoke and fire broke out. Passers-by rushed to the police for help

a few minutes later, firefighters and power repair department rushed to the scene, cut off the power supply at the first time and controlled the fire. Fortunately, no personnel were injured. Yesterday afternoon, when I arrived at the scene of the incident, I saw that the bottom of the transformer between the two poles had been blackened due to the fire. Fortunately, the two companies will also cooperate to improve the control regulations and technical rules for the use of polymer materials, and the surrounding wires were not affected

a boss of a nearby store told us that at noon, when the sun was burning, everyone was blowing air conditioners in the store to relieve the heat. Suddenly, they heard the sound of zizilala in the street. A few seconds later, the air conditioner stopped working. I can't stand this weather without air conditioning. I began to sweat in a few minutes. The boss said that in order to keep the store cool, he closed the originally open door of the store

after the transformer caught fire, the power emergency repair personnel braved the high temperature to repair on site. Later, Professor zhangliqun, from the advanced elastomer material research center of Beijing University of chemical technology, said that the fire department learned that due to the recent high temperature in Xi'an, the power load in various regions continued to rise, so many transformers were overwhelmed. In the past week, the alarm of transformer fire increased sharply. Only Fengdong Daqin fire station of Xixian fire brigade received four alarm of transformer fire on July 18

according to the forecast of the meteorological department, the high temperature weather in Xi'an will continue for a period of time, and the high-frequency use of air conditioners, refrigerators, fans and other cooling electrical equipment will also increase the load of power supply lines and transformers, and similar dangerous situations will continue to occur. A firefighter of Xixian fire brigade told that when the temperature reached 40 ℃, the internal temperature of the transformer would reach more than 100 ℃ under the overload operation of the transformer. Long-term operation would gradually lose the original insulation performance of the insulation material in the transformer. The higher the temperature, the faster the aging of the insulation material. The coil had no shelter from the insulation layer, and the whole transformer would be burned in serious cases. The best way to alleviate the overload operation of transformer caused by power shortage, failure or even fire, is to avoid the intensive use of high-power appliances such as air conditioners for a long time

the fire department reminds that if people encounter a fire in the transformer, they can try to put it out with dry ice or dry powder fire extinguishers when there are fire-fighting equipment and the situation is urgent. These fire extinguishing agents are non-conductive and can be used for live fire extinguishing. At the same time, citizens should call 119 for help in time

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