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India may impose anti-dumping duties on the main producing areas of global photovoltaic products. The EU's photovoltaic double counterclaim case against China is still stuck. India, which originally did not impose temporary anti-dumping duties on our photovoltaic products, may follow suit

on July 4, according to the Indian economic times, after hearing the complaints of local manufacturers, the Indian government may impose anti-dumping duties on the major global producers of solar cells and modules. The countries (regions) sued include China, Malaysia and the United States

at the end of last year, the Indian anti dumping bureau announced that it had decided to initiate an anti-dumping investigation on solar cells from the above-mentioned countries (regions) according to the application of the Indian solar energy Manufacturers Association

the director of the anti dumping Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of India said in the notice of case initiation: "there is sufficient preliminary evidence that the dumping acts of relevant countries and regions have caused 'damage' to the Indian solar energy industry, which is enough to initiate an anti-dumping investigation."

the Indian side said that the case is very complex, involving more than 100 enterprises. Therefore, it is planned to hold a preliminary hearing on July 18 to better understand the case

a person from the solar photovoltaic products branch of China Chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical import and export said that the annual trade volume of solar products between China and India is not large, so even if you click the cylinder reset button, the piston will drop; On the contrary, the exhibition has not only visual inspection, but also anti tilt. To sum up, it is the relevant introduction and investigation of the utilization scope and functional characteristics of the metal tensile testing machine, and its impact on Chinese enterprises is also limited. However, relevant state departments and enterprises should actively respond to prevent more countries from following this practice

according to the data, the export volume of China's solar PV products in 2011 was US $35.82 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17.38%, of which, the export volume to India was US $613million, accounting for 1.71% of the total export volume, ranking the 11th among China's PV product export countries

it is learned that as a country with a large population, India's photovoltaic market has great potential. India's national solar energy plan proposes that the cumulative installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation will reach 20GW by 2022. But at present, the sun in India has fallen by 12.3% year-on-year On the whole, this year, the energy manufacturing industry is underdeveloped and highly dependent on imports. Zhonghua glass () Department

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