The tyres of Zhonggeng series of the hottest tract

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Therefore, this is the first time that 2-D metal carbides have been prepared for tractor cultivator series tires. Recently, the new tractor cultivator series tires developed by Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. have passed the appraisal of 8 departments, including China Academy of agricultural mechanization and Guizhou Provincial Commission of economy and information technology. Experts suggest that your company should further strengthen market promotion and improve product cost performance

the new tractor Zhonggeng series tire is a new type of tire with a tolerance of no more than 0.10/1000 tires developed by your company with the combination of advanced tire design theory and formula design technology. Some of its specifications are the first developed in the world and are listed as key support projects in the 2012 national key new product plan by the Ministry of science and technology and other four ministries and commissions

for this series of products, the project team has developed special production equipment and process, and applied technologies such as R1s pattern, wear-resistant and puncture resistant formula exclusively developed by Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. to make the production technology and comprehensive performance of the products reach the international advanced level in the field of agricultural bias ply tire in the same period. The project has applied for 3 invention patents, developed 7 series of new tire products, and independently developed several related production processes. The project team presided over and participated in the drafting of three national standards and one enterprise standard

it is understood that the performance indexes of the new tractor intertillage series tires fully meet the design requirements and meet the American tra standards, national standards and enterprise standards after the test of Guizhou rubber industry testing station and the application table of Heilongjiang friendship farm. At the same time, the product is of great significance to expand the operation range of large and medium horsepower tractors, extend the operation chain and increase user income

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